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    Will Xbox One sales go down after their exclusive games gone to PC?
    Initially YES but later that will benefit Xbox and it could come back

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      Not everyone can afford a good rig.Thats a fact but everyone can afford an Xbox.For 2 days hell of a sudden the PS4 owners magically got a High End rigs hahahahaha


      • Nitfol
        Nitfol commented
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        Most of the people complaining are die hard PlayStation fanboys pretending to have XBoxes. I lol'd when one over at N4G said he had sold his XBox and bought a PS4 after the Quantum Break announcement. Then another poster called Rookie Monster checked his previous posts and saw that he was a committed Sony fanboy who had previously said he would never have an XBox.

        I spent £3k on a PC a few years ago. Totally over the top for my needs and I regret some of my choices now, but I built it for working at home. Never had so much as solitaire on it. I just couldn't go back to PC gaming after XBox convenience.

        I don't care if PC users get to play some games developed for XBox. I still get to play the games on XBox and it encourages DX12 game development which we all want to see as quick as possible. XBox and PC games are going to make PS4 games look last gen soon.

      • Austin
        Austin commented
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        On a side note, I believe we will see *more* of an uptake of beefy PC rigs when the VR headsets are released. Their requirements are pretty high an while not everyone will jump on it, I think there will be enough to see quite a reasonable uptake in higher end hardware.

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      Quick question for misterC, where was the info from, about ps4 not being able to run 1152 each cycle like the Xbox can do. They saying on beyond3d it can, so just wondered if we could post, it can't.


      • mistercteam
        mistercteam commented
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        1152 is implicit vector, it is not scalar (yes the ALU is scalar) , it is part of SIMD
        when X1 said 768 Op , the nick baker said it is scalar engine

        i will show this example on 7970
        every CU on GCN 1.x is this

        S= Scalar

        7970 CU makeup
        S.Unit = 32bit Integer ALU + 32bit Exec/Branch
        V.Unit = 16 Wide Vector ALU (made from 16x32bit ALU)
        1 unit CU = S.Unit+ 4x V.Unit
        32 CU on 7970 you actually only get 32 Scalar Engine

        that why i said 768 is insane !!!
        of course the V.unit on X1 is different not 16ALU but 4ALU

      • G-Force
        G-Force commented
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        I did a BIG write up on it here

        The PS4 has 1152 ALU, but they take 4 Cycles to complete ONE operation, so that's why it is a LOT less than Xbox one.

        PS4 has 18 SCALAR ALU and 1152 normal ALU.

        Xbox One has 768 SCALAR ALU

        As in my comments you will see that it is the SCALAR ALU that can do 1 operation per cycle, and the others take 4 cycles to complete one operation.


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      As Gamers Age, The Appeal of Competition Drops The Most. Strategy is The Most Age-Stable Motivation


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        Microsoft Exec Explains Quantum Break PC Release, Confirms No Steam Version

        "From our CEO down at Microsoft, there's tons of commitment and enthusiasm for our [console] business."


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          I find it kinda interesting that none of the Quantum Break trailer details have been updated on xbox store to say anything about Windows 10 version. This sound like it an afterthought from Microsoft Imo they need to clear this shit up by saying something like "it take's minimal work or even none to make Xbox exclusive work on PC or even visor versa.

          Hoping they clear this up in the February event.


          • BadCeeJay1975
            BadCeeJay1975 commented
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            If they did that though then the focus would move to why Halo or Forza haven't released for PC. MS are damned if they do and damned if they don't with all of this.

          • F00xm4n
            F00xm4n commented
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            It's a good marketing push from Microsoft for win 10 and dx12 adoption.

          • scottvxr
            scottvxr commented
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            I personally have no problem with any Xbox exclusive's going to PC it's not going to make me go rush out and buy a £2000➕ rig. This will have no effect on Xbox one as there will always be two types of consumer Imo. I think the master stroke that everyone is missing that this is possible in the first place! You could shout parity but what is the point I'm sure that all Xbox one/Windows 10 will play great on both platform's.......this is the future. A person doesn't know what he need's until you show him😊.

          • dynamatrix
            dynamatrix commented
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            One question I have about the free PC code with the digital purchase of the Xbox One version of Quantum Break is what use will console-only players like myself have for the code? I'm still trying to wrap my head around the free PC code stuff. I mean yes free is good but I and many others will have no use for it.

          • G-Force
            G-Force commented
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            dynamatrix Choice, should you every get a laptop or pc and 'chose' to play it on there then you can for FREE.

            Like the option with EA Access, MS 'GIVES' its fans the choice to take advantage of it.

            Sony does NOT!

          • SkadollaX
            SkadollaX commented
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            G-Force, the choice for some to pay less for QB on xbox without the PC code would be even better, this then would just shut everyone up.

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          Ive been an infrequent poster for years and have seen many things good and bad, anyone remember that time someone posted a meme of a dude with a phone up his arse crack and mr x was disgusted?best forum for xbox fans (safe haven) yet sometimes it feels like the cold war era with accusations of being a closet ps4ron ect this is why I rarely post. some paranoid oddball shite. free dwayne the dude was class imo. Anyway best blog on internet for us xboxfans and big up mrx for sticking with it.HHHHHear me now haha
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          • mistercteam
            mistercteam commented
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          • Misterx
            Misterx commented
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            Thanks and all.

            Dwayne's ban was not pernament. But he told a lot of shit after the ban on other forums about me - so there is no way to return.

          • cheggers
            cheggers commented
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            I didn't know that mrx. can't blame you then. Thanks again.

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          this is GCN POV based on Scalar on GCN
          Scalar is front end

          Every GPU have Scalar Inst and Vect Inst
          when X1 said 768 Scalar engine ----> Scalar block /Ex/Instruction

          So B3D is 1000000% wrong said 1152 Op/cycle as Scalar
          Op/cycle in CU is based on Scalar ALU on each CU
          not bout SIMD unit !!! which is housed the SP

          Click image for larger version

Name:	0_Scalar2234.jpg
Views:	4
Size:	73.6 KB
ID:	16164

          Separation of where Scalar Engine run ! and Where Vector Engine runs !!!
          Click image for larger version

Name:	0_scalar_vector_112.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	93.5 KB
ID:	16165

          GCN is Scalar Processor as Front end
          Op/cycle of Scalar engine means the front end not the vector Engine op/cycle
          as vector engine use SIMD = Single instruction !!!

          READ it well
          the heart of GCN is Scalar Processor !! with 4x16 Wide Vector Unit

          7970 32CU means has 32 Ops/cycle of Scalar engine !!!! as Old GCN is too wide, look at 1st slide as confirmation

          Click image for larger version

Name:	0_CU11a.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	129.8 KB
ID:	16166


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          To Fooxman and others
          let me use AMD HSA and Ray tracing research own words !!!
          Tzachi is HSA expert from AMD

          as people need some fact
          this is Tzachi paper example

          this is the official AMD forum where he said scalar engine =/= vector engine, if there is scalar then there is vector engine as GCN is built on that foundation !!

          and X1 768 op/cycle Scalar engine
          and MS not yet revealed the Vector engine one !!!! !!!

          Last edited by mistercteam; 02-14-2016, 08:18 PM.


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