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  • Misterx
    started a topic Gears of Wars 4

    Gears of Wars 4

  • BiG Porras
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    Allways BiG ;)

  • Smash_mouth

    Reclaimed Beauty is a 4 part docu-series from The Coalition offering a deeper, behind-the-scenes look into the process of making Gears of War 4.

    I'm expecting BIG things for Gears 5! ;)

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  • Mkai28
    I expect XBOX ONE X version to look better then this because of HDR..
    GEARS 4 in 4K Ultra settings, well mostly..
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  • Smash_mouth

    The Golden Weekend has arrived! Play 2XP Golden Gun, collect Palace Guard and Theron Sentinel plus get hands on with the new Gnasher improvements.

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  • slasaru
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    It's in October. They need to give a very good discount for people to buy it now

  • John-117
    FYI: Gears of War 4 is available for pre-purchase. I just bought it a few moments ago.

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  • BiG Porras
    Hello, TrueGamers friends at, WELCOME.

    Today we will take a look at the Gears of War 4 BETA. A BETA that is creating some controversy, and that we will mention to and explain clearly here, that ye may know with arguments as to understand and know see this BETA we it occupies.
    Let's get started!

    Translated article from
    Text written with FLASHBACKMAN help.

    Lately, developers and publishing we are accustomed to throw a BETAS or Alphas that really are not. That is, throw DEMOS almost the final state of the game, to test the stability of the servers or the gameplay. But that, DEMOS the product almost under GOLD. Therefore, these DEMOS covert BETAS are released only days or weeks before the release of the game.

    But in this case NO. It is not like this. This time, the study First Party of Microsoft: The Coalition, brings a true BETA. A game that still has more than 6 months of development ahead. A BETA just out of the Alpha phase very recently. And it shows and it takes its toll in the graphic.
    But make no mistake, that does not mean that look bad, far from it! Only, of course, is not as good as a finished game, and that's what people do not understand, so I want to explain it here.
    Even with all this in mind, in the game we can see many details that we advance what will be the visual grandeur of the title (according to the developers, the new Xbox ONE milestone chart). And you are detailed below:
    • Quick and renewed gameplay. Moreover, of the same, but with new shades
    • 1080p constant
    • 60fps stable 99% of the time
    • MSAAX4 or higher, not just edges
    • are
    • The control response is much faster
    • Do not get stuck on walls and other Gears
    • Ability Wheel side career
    • Ability to cartwheel in coverage
    • All weapons much more agile
    • The shotgun works as it should
    • The connection and ping even internet stick is luxury
    • Characters with many more polygons
    • New Animations
    • Animations always
    • New finishing moves
    • Lighting pre-baked
    • Tearing occasional
    • Bitmaps very high mixed with media, much higher than the Ultimate
    • The color palette looks the same as always, but it gives the feeling that the color density is much higher
    • The black contrasts are much deeper
    • PBS
    • PBR
    • Have removed the PBL pre ALPHA and have baked lighting.

    It is clear that this is a product even by polishing, and left him several months of development ahead. But I think now we agree that we are facing a Gears of War 3 "vitamin-enriched" at all much less. You can, which, today, may seem worse than Gears Ultimate, but here we see things the Ultimate does not have. Anyway, the end result will be several times better than seen here today. Although in the end, all that does not matter. The important thing is the gameplay of the title. And during the BETA, we tested as the Matchmaking is fast and stable, the rock-solid 60fps, and weapons are almost perfectly balanced. So, there is nothing wrong with what is really important. Therefore, whatever comes, it can only be better.

    And with that, just for today friends THANKS, see you next time!.

    Source of the original information in
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  • BiG Porras
    commented on 's reply
    Sorry, NO.
    This is the only one picture that isn't a screenshot from gameplay, is from a In-Engine CGI (Coallition says...)

  • hasmeh
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    Fantastic. Much more melee options over cover in this game.

  • mistercteam
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