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    The Dragon-tastic Origins of Scalebound - IGN First


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      DualShockers Gamescom Awards: Scalebound Shines Bright Among a Galaxy of Stars

      Game of the Show: Scalebound
      Best Xbox One Game: Scalebound
      Best First Party Game: Scalebound
      Biggest Shocker: Scalebound

      "It looked impressive on the big screen at Microsoft’s press conference, but when I saw it played in front of my eyes behind closed doors, I was blown away.
      The gaming industry seems to have trouble doing dragon-focused games right. Scalebound seems to be a radical exception to that rule."
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        I'm actually surprised that DualShockers of all places awarded Scalebound at all lol.

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        Game of Show!!!! nice!

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      Scalebound director, Hideki Kamiya, said that the game will offer a longer gameplay experience than Bayonetta and Okami, which had a “shorter cycle.” He also stated that they will fill the game with fun and interesting side-quests, which will keep you coming for more."
      “Bayonetta can be seen as a shorter cycle game – you may want to go back and hone your skills a bit more, or you might be so satisfied that you’ve completed it that that can be the end of it, same goes for a game like Okami. Now, with Scalebound, because the world is so large, my hope is that [players won’t just] go from beginning to end and that’s it. There are so many [side-quests] that we’re going to be sprinkling throughout this vast world that I hope you’ll go back to dungeons and pick up items that weren’t available to you at that time, and want to clear it in a different way.”


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        Watch the PAX panel, learn more about #Scalebound, and ride a flying dragon, because dragons.


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          Hey there Everyone! My name is John Omohundro, and I play Drew in the upcoming Xbox One title Scalebound. You might recognize me from some of my previous work on
          REVOLUTION, BRAVEST WARRIORS or a variety of other stuff! This the first game of my career, and I thought I’d share a few things about the experience

          On the final day of the most recent wave of shoots, one scene stands out above the rest. There was a pretty heavy moment where I was riding Thuban. I remember getting into
          the mindset of the scene. When you go to that place in your head, it hurts. You have to visualize everything you have ever loved, then imagine ALL OF IT being ripped away
          from you. The room went silent, and the director waited for me to signal I was ready to go for it. I flipped on my face light, assumed the “T-Pose,” then took my position. The
          actual scene after they called ACTION was kind of a blur, but when I finally looked up, our director was in tears. As she nodded that we got it, I realized, I too was crying.

          Even though acting in this game has been the hardest, most physically demanding project of my entire career, it’s moments like this that make everything worth it. I hope you
          all enjoy the final product of Scalebound. Seriously, blood, sweat and tears have gone into it and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the family.

          Thanks for the support everybody. This is going to be a wild ride!


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          Firstly, in an interview with Game Informer, MS Shannon Loftis noted that the Platinum-developed game Scalebound maybe wasn't the right fit for Microsoft - and that's why it was cancelled.

          "We’re not really talking about the state of the game," Loftis responds when asked about the status of the game when it was cancelled. "It was an incredibly difficult decision to make to discontinue it. Platinum is an amazing, incredibly talented developer.

          "When we make game decisions, we ask ourselves: Is this the right game? Is it the right experience? Is it the right time? And unless we can answer yes to all three, we won’t continue on with a development cycle," she continued.

          "And you know, Platinum is obviously doing great. They came out with Nier: Automata, and I thought that was an incredible game, and I’m super excited to see what they do next."


          Huh? Then why even start development?