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    Predict what will happen this E3?
    HDMI 2.0 software update for Xbox One
    MS will let us know that Xbox One is not 1.31TF but much more powerful
    Xbox One slim with same power as Xbox One will be announced
    Xbox One slim more powerful than Xbox One will be announced
    Xbox 2 will be announced
    VR game on Xbox One will be shown not possible with 1.31tf
    Games on Xbox One not possible with 1.31tf will be shown
    Nintendo NX connection with Xbox One could be announced
    PS4 Neo will be announced

    The poll is expired.

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    Battlefront 1 new teaser


    • scottvxr
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      E3 baby 😏

    • mistercteam
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      Representing Xbox One

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    E3 Phil said as important if not more than Zero hour
    *) interesting Phil referencing to Zero hour

    Zero Hour
    mark nextgen gaming on X360

    Now it is Scorpio time
    start with 1st Scorpio X1 and Slim


    • mistercteam
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      Gaf guess is right, but they will surpised that
      what MS means of scorpio start with X1
      VR also start with X1

    • Misterx
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      i think they will not name term Scorpio.

      lets stop using this term as its confusing

    • docLEXfisti
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      Those are protoype names - we can call em like that right now until official names are revealed

      Scorpio = Next Xbox with 6 TF
      Edmonton = Slim

    • Misterx
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      no no no

      next Xbox is more than 6tf

      current Xbox is 5tf

    • Tokiwalki
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      For me it's critical to downgrade expectations for E3. Pretty sure that it will be just a slim with same power but hdmi 2.0x and BR4K, anniversary update and that's it.

      VR Will be with more powerfull XBO only. I can be wrong but I don't believe the full magic sauce tomorrow.
      Last edited by Tokiwalki; 06-12-2016, 12:18 PM.

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    I can not see MS annoucing anything about the next xbox, especially as sony is not saying anything about the NEO. They will not be caught with their pants down again, if so then Phil S has learned nothing in his time as XBoss. I think the slim will be announced, same power but with HDMI 2 port for 4k 60fps and 4k upscaling for video/pictures (I will buy one regardless).

    The current preview beta is pretty dissapointing, cortana (UK) does not listen very well, often crashes and the whole interface seems slower on my xbox (day one edition) The store is a mess and a lot less logical than the previous version. I also get kicked out of the division a lot more often than before, TV playback (Sky) is choppy and it looks like the 50Hz problem is back. I have left feedback on all as this is why we are preview members but I do think a lot more work needs to be done on this one.

    The only thing I would like to see happening now is KODI in the xbox one store!! That would be an instant hit and a lot of people would prefer the xbox then.


    • G-Force
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      unless they announce a 6tf system, then sony counter and then ms bring out a more powerful system, basically trolling Sony.

    • scobie
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      Why are you in the preview program then ??? It is a given to have glithes in test software and thats your job to test it. Suck it up and help make it better .... By the way, the second update has vastly improved the slow cluncky dashboard and allot of the freezing apps r fixed now. At first Ithought the same thing about the new store but after the scond update and actually using it extensively IM liking the new store more and more. Itstill needs much work but liking the more details provided as well.

      My favorite part is reworked My Games and Apps. Its just 1000 times better now for people with 200 plus games installed like me. Go see for self!

    • nitraM_Br
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      Scobie I literally put in my comment that I left feedback as this is why we are preview members. No need for a comment like that. I have had the second update since, it improves things slightly, cortana still being a woman and not listening :) I m glad to see that some of my comments are now in the known issues list

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    now i highlight
    Arthur bet Scorpio will be at E3

    of course it will Scorpio start with X1

    Also if people remember in 2013 before may reveal 2013
    Arthur is the one that said
    - X1 gfx core ~ GTX680
    -X1 PSU is not 100W


    • Misterx
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      and he was wrong about gtx 680...whats the point?

      relax man

      no need to search for every micro clue

      we have enought bold ones..lets stick to them

    • cigi_68
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      Misterx, why should he. Why not search for every clue? This is what this site has been all about.

      You more and more sound like a man who had lost his vision and what this whole site had been about.

      Why lose your faith so close to E3. This is something we have all waited so long for and you probably the! most. You flip flop all the time. What is going on 😕

    • mistercteam
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      mrX you forgot GTX 680 is 2.6 TF
      it is same like i said Gfx core has Vector part = 2.6TF
      Scalar is 1.3TF
      and Frontend old VLIW 1.3TF
      = 5.2TF

      you seem forgot, it is your insider too said that
      2.6TF GPU + other part = close to 4TF

    • mistercteam
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      MrX calm down

      CP+scalar is not block where arthur said
      so do frontend VLIW one

      so when he said 2.6TF it is close to what we beleive as total 5.2TF ;-)

    • Misterx
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      we should stick to bold clues only

    • mistercteam
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      5.2TF of X1 is from several block that what i am trying to said
      it is how X1 designed to have severl block
      thats why XDMA needed

      of course that why insider said difficult to explain X1 flops

      from people like aegis he only sees the flops from GPU only
      not other block

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    If they announce Scorpio,they are pretty sure that the NEO is nowhere near what Scorpio is and Sony can not change it in last minute.If this is the condition and if they can release the console this fall then bye bye Sony.


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      Need to AR to the list above with VR. Dev Version of the hololens runs Atom SOC which will be MIA when released. Whats going to run it? Xbox team create AR while making the One
      Last edited by srenia_ia; 06-12-2016, 01:48 PM.


      • Tokiwalki
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        If you look at the new Xbox Store currently @preview (anniversary update) you'll see that for films the Hololens logo appear in the "Compatible with" section. Very strange to already promote Hololens whereas it's not expected for consumer audience before 2020. Maybe plan changed?

      • Misterx
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        AR is missed

      • srenia_ia
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        Tokiwalki - very strange indeed. ;-). Also the video purchasing problems probably have something to do with the E3 announcements.

      • scobie
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        I am thinking the same thing... Seeing Hololenz right there as one of the compatible devices for xbox movies tells me there is a Hololens announcement coming at E3. Hololens can do both AR and VR. No need for an additional VR device as we have seen in the demos

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      EA conf 5-6 more hours to go


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        Hey guys tomorrow is the big day...

        Xbox E3 2016 Press Conference: June 13th



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        My gameschedule am looking forward to are:
        dead rising 4
        resident evil 7
        state of decay
        fifa 17
        pes 17
        watchdogs 2
        cod infinite warfare


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          Leaked non final DR4
          on X1
          After E3 1080p is more and more for X1

          looks good seems PBR + good AA

          Click image for larger version

Name:	VXaM1SI.jpg
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          • Rockarolla3
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            Looks good. Hopefully it keeps the gameplay of DR3. Loved that game. Rollerhawg ftw!