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Main Thread & News Stream. E3 2017 [272]

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  • Main Thread & News Stream. E3 2017 [272]

    Other than Project Scorpio new console and games, games, games what else Microsoft have in the store for this E3?
    Project Scorpio is also related to Xbox One to unlock new hardware
    Xbox One add-on to max its power
    Xbox One upclock
    Xbox hardware goes 3rd party and could be produced by other vendors
    Nintendo-Xbox deal

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    Hoping for 1,2,3 and 4 but realistically voted 1 and 3


    • Direct X-Static
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      Yeah, I voted one and three here too.

      Related to voting for one, I can't help but feel that Phil's statement that, "DX12 will help make XB1 better at doing the things it was designed for," is finally coming to light this year, at least in a handful of titles being showcased. I think that the 50% cpu workload reduction of DX12 HW will finally start to show why XB1 had the balls to play with PS4 all along. As for other layers talked about here, I don't know if it'll happen just yet, but it is quite possible we'll see that as well.

      As for voting for 3, I have to come back to the bit about Phil playing games on a modified XB1S recently, coupled with the fact that the OG XB1 barely even gets warm yet. There's a reason why MS has overengineered everything in the OG. I believe it is a combination of both one and three, and that we are going to see the beginnings of it all this year.

      Oh yeah, about that video teaser for Scorpio too: I believe that the birthday cake with One candle on it I mentioned yesterday, you can see it on the side of the tent in the video with the 6>4 on it, represents exactly what I've just explained above which is a coming out party for the OG XB1 just as much as it is about the Scorpio's sting. Not like I've never been wrong about anything before though!

    • kssxs
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      I think the other thing to remember is that DX11 is basically disabled for Scorpio, FORCING devs to use DX12. Addtional efficiency and boosts!

    • Hamish Waters
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      I would support Microsoft removing the 1080p lockouts for 3rd party now.

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    Xbox/Nintendo deal would be ultra-megaton! 😉


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      4 would make a lot of sense looking at the way MS has moved Xbox to being a service with all games on PC. They have also gone 3rd party with the MR headsets, licensing out their HoloLens tech. there is also the rumours of the feel deal going way back. At the end of the day, they don't make money from console hardware so why not allow others to Dr involved as long as the qc is good? But in the same respect, why would a third party want to make a console unless they were getting a cut of the software and services money?


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        Added 'Nothing' variant


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          maybe add: games, games games


          • Misterx
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            added to the question. thats out of question

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          i picked nothing. keep my expectations low this year. I am expecting an amazing E3 this year and scorpio will be amazing. regular xbox one/s will have great games to show graphically so im not too worried about that either. anything else is a plus in my books.


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            Too Early To Call The PS4 Pro A Flop?

            Is it just me or is the FACT that ONLY 1 in 5 PlayStations sold is a PS4 Pro ( as Sony Executive Jim ' lying ' Ryan said ) seems really low? What's the problem? Marketing? Gamers don't seem to want it and/or don't know it even exists. Could it be that they are waiting for the most powerful console ever made to launch?



            • Direct X-Static
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              Greatness Awaits... for PS5... with no BC... no FC... probably still no UHD support...

              Meanwhile buy a Scorpio, it's great now!!!

            • Hamish Waters
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              Seems like games get more issues as well with upgrades

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              Xbox Is Out Of Touch With Gamers, Continues To Lose Partnerships

              The trend here is very clear. Xbox One is losing the console war…..badly. In fact the war may already be over. With major partnerships dissolving and going to its competitor how is Microsoft supposed to compete with the Playstation 4?

              Microsoft seems to be failing to deliver on all fronts. Instead they are releasing ‘Project Scorpio’ later this year. If Microsoft thinks that this will fix their problems, they are sorely mistaken.

              More Garbage

              Advertising rights are important. It's gets the message out to those who don't follow gaming closely, that is, the casuals out there who bought the PS4 BUT...

     is that Xbox ignoring the gamers or 'out of touch ' with guy is trying too hard ESPECIALLY a couple of days away from the " most powerful gaming console ever made " launching.

              Be afraid little one, it's only going to get worse.


              • scottvxr
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                Fu#k the media ☠ Try hard🤣 Scorpio is about to ruin you👻

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              Holy shit!!!!

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              • scottvxr
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                Media......"Activate Defon 5!!!!"

              • Smash_mouth
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                Wow! BOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOM!

              • BadCeeJay1975
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                Haha, just casually drop that one in there Mike :)

              • Joddington
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                That's a big nuke there. So they weren't saving this announcement for Sunday then?