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    I said that Godfall looked like crap compared to Hellblade 2 but that was a really bad hot take. In fact, it looks better each time I watch that gif. The detail in the character models is really good, and when you consider the team size and budget this is being made with, it puts things into perspective. Bodes well for raytracing being implemented ubiquitously in next-gen games too if even that game is using it.

    I realize how dumb what I said earlier was. It’s like expecting Resogun to be the standard for PS4 games. That’s not to take away from how good the Hellblade 2 trailer looked though.


    • OrionWolf
      Editing a comment
      Lol at the excuses ... lmao if that looked anything close to HB2. It looked bad in comparison with TLOU2, let alone HB2. lol