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    A Typical GAME Store in my country (Spain). All stores looks in same way...

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    • CityOfGod
      Editing a comment
      All shops are visited by companies that represent their brands. They offer incentives to stores for product placement.

      For example, chocolate bar companies will offer bonuses and deals to stores that carry their top 5 products near or adjacent the till and other areas where they will get more attention.

      The rewards are usually a mix of cash and also deals, say buy 5 boxes of snickers and get a 6th box free.

      The company will often send their reps in to check on product placement in secret, so that branches are following their end of the bargain. A large organisation like GAME will typically offer the best parts of the store, to the company that is willing to give them the best incentives. They will often play-off one company against the other for the best spots in branch.

      The truth is that physical shops for console games etc, is a not the market that people like MS will be interested in. They know that online retailers make up the majority of sales now.

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    In ( we make a video-comparative about MGS5.
    The first commentary, is this:


    OH MY GOD, someone to explain the creator of this video, which is the MotionBlur and subsurface scattering, XD
    Thanks but I already know these techniques (I commented on several times during VIDEO O_o).
    Each deduct and interpret them if the picture looks better or not.
    Or which you like best, I only expose what is: That in less detail is appreciated PS4, and "cover" the development work.
    If it is better for being more "pretty" or not, that's up to each one, here we do not try to convince anyone of anything.
    THANKS for stopping by.

    I just invite you to try the PC version and see which resembles more. According to the version of your arguments it is the most XBOne round, beating the PC ... which sorry to say, but it is not. Not trying to detract from any version.

    Do not put words in my mouth that are not mine, because if even compared the PC version, NOT A STORY THAT COMES o_O.
    And I do not try to detract from any version (not like you or not understood my video). I repeat that expose only what you see in the picture, and what the actual user reaches the end result, and that is. No more.
    Let everyone draw their own conclusions and decide that you like best in a graphic finish, if the purity or makeup techniques, if more real or more idyllic.
    And, on PC, since you bring it up: on the website of Konami, is the PC version, and it is a shame and a ofrenta for PC users as its version is the same as that of PS4, instead of be much better than its console version, as it should be. It's something that I would not fit on the head.
    And I personally do not understand the fact of applying techniques blurred and blurring a face, covering every detail created by the developers of jeugo can be "good" or "better" for me it is not a logical thing.
    And if PS4 has to use such techniques to finish mostras less graphically demanding to deal with performance, I think it is all said in this regard.

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    Community Article

    “NeoGAF & it’s Bias”

    I cannot think of any other industry that is actually influenced by a forum in the way that the videogame industry is with NeoGAF.” NeoGAF is a gaming forum that at first glance is pretty simple, it’s easy to get to, and format is easy to navigate though. It is the #1 source for all of gaming media, IGN, Gamespot, Giantbomb, you name it, they get their info from NeoGAF. The first stories, the first breaking news, & talking points all start at NeoGAF. I cannot think of any other industry that is actually influenced by a forum in the way that the videogame industry is with NeoGAF. If you want answers, or you wanna rage at something, NeoGAF is the place tostart the fire.

    That is great, but the problem is that it is one sided and the forum is moderated by people who have a defined hate for anything Microsoft. It is known, and sadly it is accepted. Phil Spencer, Aaron, Larry, and all the Xbox guys know it, will they admit? Nope, but they do know it, it’s pretty obvious and really NeoGAF doesn’t hide it.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bishop_sony.jpg
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    Above is Head Moderator Bish (Timothy Lewinson) wearing his Sony hat, and Tyler Malka the owner of NeoGAF.

    Bish is the head moderator of NeoGAF, he is the guy that verifies insiders like cboat, thuway, and even Dodd at the time. For example, if you say Xbox is getting a downclock on its CPU speed because of Yields on the ESRAM like Thuway LIED about, it has to get vetted and Bish is the guy who gives the go ahead. The thing here is that these “insiders” who all seemed to come out in force right before the launch of xbox and ps4, all would only have news that was negative or undermining of Xbox.

    The downclock thread ( is one where Thuway actively pushed out knowledge of a downclock, which as we all know now was a complete lie as the CPU was actually raised. The point though is that this actively went on, Bish supported Thuway, even banning Senninsage for a month for saying he had knowledge that the downclock wasn’t true. This is just one example of what goes on, lie is made up, thuway, dodd, cboat all chime in or whomever Bish wants to verify, and so be goes the anti-Microsoft bash fest.

    Another example was when a digital foundry report came out about PS4 having 4.5 to 5.5 gb available for gaming, this thread I was banned in because I believed in Digital Foundry finding, yet Bish and his “insiders” claimed that PS4 had 6gb and actually had the media believing Thuway over Digital Foundry ( its all there, even thuway and his “Lie”. Again Bish the moderated supported all of this, and actually gave Thuway his “insider” status that many clueless media outlets actually still report on.

    There was also the time when the Xbox UI dropped, and all of a sudden this dropped by Peter Doddhttp:// Yep Xbox Live is bouncing and OS issues, even Bish joked around said he was going to go into a “shelter”. I ask you to please read these threads, look at the hate in them, look at the false accusations that are put out. IF you are a fair person you will see there is an issue here, and it’s hate, and trying to make a product fail. NeoGAFwill defend and put out fires for Sony, even to the point they will lie as we see in 6 gb thread, but they will do their best to make Microsoft look bad, ban Xbox fans for having a different opinion than theirs, and then claim “neutrality”.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	img3.jpg
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    Pictured above is a clear connection, Adam Boyes of Sony, who reads the Gaf daily , and Head moderator Bish Timothy Lewinson both worked together, actually Adam was his boss at beefymedia and worked as recently as 2012 together. Let’s be real here, they have a friendship, they have a connection, and guess what, it carries over to Bish and his moderation of NeoGAF. So many Xbox fans can relate, as we are pretty much all banned, or the ones that are still posting on NeoGAF are afraid to say anything remotely bad about Sony, and walk on egg shells when defending Microsoft. It’s not like we know of any other mods either that are pro Microsoft, they are all anti-Microsoft, from Kagari, to y2kev. They protect Sony, call out warnings for trolling in Driveclub thread post 7 ( yet let Ryse get trashed beyond belief pre launch.

    Its really something too when its owner Tyler Malka claims neutrality in all of this, as he did when Major Nelson was nice enoughto offer NeoGAF an invite to E3 because they had their access pulled in 2014. ( Fine that’s ok, but then in an interview Tyler Malka claims that Major Nelson was offering a bribe.

    Tyler answers the question ” Hey Jason. I think the publisher reps have, for the most part, wised up at this point. Back when NeoGAF was a much smaller site and it was treated in the same way that a fansite would, I’d get all sorts of offers to be flown places, to get swag, to get review copies. None of that makes any sense whatsoever to compromise the neutrality of the site over, of course, but that’s the typical tactic. The most egregious recent example of attempted bribery was Major Nelson offering to get me and the NeoGAF staff into E3 last year after the ESA decided to no longer treat us as Media. The offer was to come “under the banner of Microsoft” as, like, official Microsoft delegates. I had a good laugh at that one!”

    Ok now I want you all to stop and think right now. This alleged “bribery” event happened at E3 2014, the date of the AMA was April 2015. That’s a long time to hold this kind of negative thoughts about someone under the Microsoft banner. Do you think he might of harbored any kind of negativity against Microsoft, this smells of crap.

    How do you really say that the owner of one of the most influential sites is looking for neutrality when he holds this kind ofresentment? Also how do you infer bribery from a handshake without having some kid of negative thoughts being around your head? Is it because you are insecure with the fact that you are running a website that isn’t really fair to Microsoft? Now if this hasn’t opened your eyes to what’s going on at NeoGAF nothing will.

    This live blog will do very little to change anything, I have talked to many Microsoft executives about this place called NeoGAF, and the consensus is they really dont think its a big deal, but the fact is that it is a big deal.

    If you wanna pretend that nothing is wrong, you can, as many do, but at least know one thing, the Bias will continue and won’t stopunless you stand up against it.

    -Completely written by Tim Dog (Feel free to follow him on twitter -> @PNF4LYFE)

    Click image for larger version

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      How about the classic....

      "MS is going to leave the hardware console business...!"

      I am tired of hearing that....


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        Idiots. Same idiots running the political arena...dumbing down the gullible populace for a paycheck.

        Same on the press and shame on those too !@%@ dumb to understand the difference.


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          Trying to fix thread :)


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            Went to Beyond 3D forum for the first time in more than 6 months. Apparently I had been baned for spam. No arguement, no emails and no spam. Only posted a few times in the past their. The very fact that I have said for years Xbox One is Directx 12+, HSA and has 3ds memory and always given links backing it up. If the truth is spam, then I'm glad I spammed. Everything I said about Directx 12 came to pass. HSA on the One is known and 3ds pictures from Hynix match the Esram pics. Sony may have paid off other websites but I'm glad this site is a good place for exchange of ideas.

            It's weird we live in a world in which the media is biased. Even we are here, but we admit it. Not every tech has panned out like we thought, but its the pursuit of knowledge. We are living a world where the pursuit of truth is replaced by propaganda. Not the first time in history nor the last. As these other sites ban members pointing out the obvious they are shown for what they are. MS isn't perfect but Sony isn't and other companies as well. MS spends billions in research a year and the other companies do not. But some how the company that does all the research in tech doesn't have newer tech? Does't take much smarts to realize that MS made a great console.


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              ....With the PS4k, we have sheep saying that they are ok with spending more money only after 3 years of PS4. They cite that this is the new business model that we all need to embrace.

              ​One question: Why was it so hard to embrace MS's original X1 vision then.....?


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                I'm going to post SonyEra stuff here as to not derail the main thread.

                So according to this thread the consoles are close. Supposedly. Ps5 has a ps4 worth of Gpu more, twice the ssd speed, better ram setup and 50% more ram. Why are insiders making this seem close when its far from that. Oh and I can’t forget the 100 bucks cheaper part some seem to throw around lol.


                • OrionWolf
                  Editing a comment
                  And for some reason we think Era is biased ... I wonder why?¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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                I said that Godfall looked like crap compared to Hellblade 2 but that was a really bad hot take. In fact, it looks better each time I watch that gif. The detail in the character models is really good, and when you consider the team size and budget this is being made with, it puts things into perspective. Bodes well for raytracing being implemented ubiquitously in next-gen games too if even that game is using it.

                I realize how dumb what I said earlier was. It’s like expecting Resogun to be the standard for PS4 games. That’s not to take away from how good the Hellblade 2 trailer looked though.


                • OrionWolf
                  Editing a comment
                  Lol at the excuses ... lmao if that looked anything close to HB2. It looked bad in comparison with TLOU2, let alone HB2. lol