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    XBOX Hotchip August 2013:

    XBOX XDK NOV 2014 CHM file :!gRFXjbKT!y964qf...veQI2is-0mh9fY

    XBOX ONE John Sell IEEE April 2014!VNV2AAIB!Opv06_...K6S9PV8SgHHNq8

    Xbox One Architect Interview

    Altera, XB1 SOC, said, die to die

    XBOX ONE, ISCA 2014
    "Keynote I (Marquette I/IV): Insight into the MICROSOFT XBOX ONE Technology
    Dr. Ilan Spillinger, Corporate Vice President, Technology and Silicon, Microsoft"

    Usenix Advanced Computing Systems Association (June 2014)
    Possible Futures, Category processor
    Xbox One: Next Gen Game Processor
    Microsoft: John Sell
    AMD: Sebastien Nussbaum (Trinity/APU Architect)

    Xbox One architecture Panel transcript (May 2013)

    Kryptos (High performance APU) fact:
    means there is other SOC beside mainSOC
    1. AMD slide showed AMD jaguar is not categorized as High performance

    2. Linkedin of Kryptos showed as High Performance APU

    3. More Proof Kryptos is for X1, but it is not MainSOC

    MrX live journal reference to it , (OBAN/kryptos SOC):
    (will add later)....
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    (updated on June 25th 2015)
    (updated July 3rd 2015), Power Island, 2 eSRAM + CB/DB

    (this list will grow, i am still cataloging my own slide into more easy , so in the mean time it is link only, without image.Will add image later)

    Main Proof (There is more than 30 Slide, i will added later)
    1 TCP per CU, plus 4 GDS
    XDK counter showed 48 TCP + 24 TD

    GDS to GDS transfer
    only for multi GPU block

    X1 has 32SQ, but the SQ instead can run s_ V_ too
    means SQ is CPU like core as a whole is CP on X1

    2 Type Esram
    Color Buffer and Depth Buffer
    Fast eSRAM that called as enhanced SRAM no CPU link to Jag xtremely High BW
    embedded SRAM that moderrate BW has limited link to Jag
    Color Buffer + Depth Buffer has substantial cache and faster than access to eSRAM
    Fast Esram xtremely high BW
    embedded SRAM moderate BW

    Backend ....
    when backend need to be programmable too
    intel hinted as fixed function coexist side by side with programmable back end
    ================================================== =============

    X1 has 4 Big RBE block (16CB + 16 DB)
    PS4 has 2 Big RBE block (8 Smaller RBE)
    plus explanation that shader export always goes to a big RBE block
    ================================================== ===========

    Other Fundamental


    Why 8 ALU per Block ?
    chasing of 8 ALU per block

    X1 vs PS4 context switch
    indicate X1 is Nextgen

    AMD 2011 hinted need true VM in GPU
    Not just IOMMU, which is still in the today GPU

    Power Island
    and All block is QOS based

    Physical based or ray traced or hybrid, some bit explanation, why future is Hybrid + Heavy post pro (backend) :
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      (reserved1) ...
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        Backward Compatibility.
        in 2013 everybody said is impossible considering X1 spec.

        some example:

        If you were hoping to play your vast collection of Xbox 360 games on Microsoft's latest creation, we've got a spot of bad news. Microsoft Xbox Live VP Marc Whitten confirmed toThe Verge that the new Xbox One console will have no backwards compatibility whatsoever."No, there's not," said Whitten, when we posed the question. "The system is based on a different core architecture, so back-compat doesn't really work from that perspective."
        eurogamer has 2 article in 2013, to reconfirming BC wont possible on X1


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          I'm really impressed about BC, the code is native, "no extra works for the dev" so they achieved something huge via VM. A 3cores PowerPC @3,2ghz cpu emulated by a x86 Jaguar one? Impressive...


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            Originally posted by Seiya di Pegaso View Post
            I'm really impressed about BC, the code is native, "no extra works for the dev" so they achieved something huge via VM. A 3cores PowerPC @3,2ghz cpu emulated by a x86 Jaguar one? Impressive...
            Agree, it is actually impossible to do if we based on What people believe
            8 core Jaguar at 1.6 Ghz
            12 CU GPU

            and considering this fact:

            let said this is handled by 8 core jaguar
            -plus everything in VM session not dedicated OS, means there is some minor% performance degradation
            -2 Big OS part, Host OS + Game OS, we beleive Said only 6 core dedicated for Game OS, Host OS takes 2 core
            -Host OS, still has to maintain HEVC encoding, gameDVR, basically this default OS function has to be maintained

            So it is basically impossible if we think about it
            especially if the BC has to be maintained let said almost 100% identical to X360 + X360 OS function, as witnessed by many people, and impressed with the result ....

            it is why all article said impossible .....

            MS wont said exact spec, but MrX insider already hinted this since 2012
            plus the fact about Kryptos in Linkedin that clearly stated about X1 has HP-APU as Jagaur is certainly not HP -APU,
            Jaguar is categorized as Low to desktop performance APU


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	image_50.jpg
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              4 GB of HBM equals around 1 Billion transistors. the new card from AMD is around 10 Billion transistors. the Xbox One is 5 Billion with 50% redundancies. stacked memory more a possibility than ever. For all the talk of Esram taking so much transistor real estate on the One we now know that's a misdirection.
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                Yep dont forget the HBM of AMD version has same area Xbox One eSRAM
                it is not coincidental

                From Beyond3D that calc the eSRAM area (i will use them, as people has tendency downplay what we digging here)
                Left:TSMC SRAM at 20nm (hmm need 42.6mm2, vs right X1 in ?? nm is 35mm2)

                As we can see here Fiji HBM is 35mm2 (orange area)
                high res:
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                  Not sure if it has been already posted. This new "Nano" card reminds some rumors about a Xbox "nano" and "performance per watt" seems to be in line with your search.

                  "Exact specs aren’t available for for the R9 Fury Nano just yet, but it’s essentially half the size of an R9 290X, measuring just 6 inches long. AMD claim the Nano is faster than an R9 290X, but offers double the performance per watt, so we’re looking at what may be halving of the TDP. Impressive figures. The pricing is yet to be announced for the Nano, but we’ll likely like hear more about it over the next few months."

                  Game Debate Radeon R9 Nano 4GB News - Radeon R9 Nano 4GB : E3 2015 - AMD Radeon Fury, R9 And R7 Series Graphics Cards Revealed


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                    Halo 5 Sprint show Halo 5 Warzone running only 15% of GPU usage :o
                    EP 3 and 4.


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                      Originally posted by Evoopin View Post
                      Halo 5 Sprint show Halo 5 Warzone running only 15% of GPU usage :o
                      EP 3 and 4.
                      ??, can you be more specific ?, link ? hmmm