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  • Mixterx - this is not over. Check out this link and tell us what you think. Even in the first page, you can see what Microsoft is planning with regards to remote graphics being delivered from the cloud.
    On this link: - click at the bottom where it says: "Read about Remote Desktop Services enhancements in the Windows Server 2016 datacheet".

    Microsoft was not lying when they said the Xbox One was made with cloud technology in mind. Things are not over yet my friends.
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    • Now start to make sense
      means they not utilizing the Xbox GPU block potential so far !!!

      as SM 6.0 doc surfaced
      SM 6.0 targetted for pixel/compute = Xbox back end

      Sm 6.0 will enabling parrarelism
      older engine only utilize prev SM = single tread in sense of Host - GPU paradigm

      SM 6.0 = provide directX-box paradigm = pararelism from host-GPU poV
      means future games/engine = huge improvement when they matured to use this feat

      GeOW 4 probably 1st to use bit of SM 6.0

      some slide
      also make sense why they called xbox - back
      as SM 6.0 is only pixel-compute shader = xbox back end (if we based on Xbox Arch diagram)

      now the question at that time of this slide
      from GDC (from me is) why called xbox back end ???

      now with information from 1s paragragh above
      that SM 6.0 ---> is targetted at pixel/compute

      then boooom !!! it make sense
      once you see the diagram below

      as you can see Pixel/compute = back end from main GPU block
      the fron end means the one for hull/geometry shader !!!!

      means the one that capable running DX 12_x is the back end !!! on Xbox paradigm


      • AMD OWN slide
        no need to explain
        it speak the truth by itself





        • mistercteam
          mistercteam commented
          Editing a comment
          this does not mean X1 has Zen CPU
          it mean X1 has same tech development Arch as Zen
          as X1 is custom design

      • Finally AMD posted new doc regarding their terminology

        want to deny this .....
        all is not lie ....
        it is start completing a circle ....

        and you remember this, and start to understand, all is interconnected


        • I still think there's something up the sleeves - it may not be what many think. The circle is completing, though not in the way I had thought...yet.