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  • hint:
    7970 has 8 RBE x 24KB (per RBE)=192KB
    X1X has 8 RBE but per RBE is not 24KB but 256KB
    why? because RBE is not just RBE it is fabric L2
    same as Vega,RBE is client to L2
    means 8 RBE represent 4 SE(GPU1) + 4 Sh Array (GNB) are from 2 different GPU block, inline with birdie


    • Keep it coming ...
      4 GDS/48 TCP is there for a reason



      • The Story of SOC & its friend

        Which part is Host
        Which part is difficult to feed (Beast)

        Once they mastering where to put the data (explicit)=DX12
        that block become useful ...

        Dont have to believe any of this
        Only Fools believe this
        because It is Fools Journey with _______


        • Game Core
          Game servce XML structure


          • SuperSIMD
            cross linked to what i said mny times

            focus on slide 1 and 2
            SideALU -> to aid,vectorized
            2 Inst,VLIW2 (because it is from point 1)
            means from whole host perspective simultan 2 Command
            because Norm GPU is only one
            ops per vect


            • overlooked forbes 2018 article
              AMD game console ? use adv packaging /bleeding edge

              -PS4/ps5 ruled out (TSMC)
              -nintento nope (Nvidia)
              -recent Subor, nope just AMD APU in 12nm very norm

              lets dig a bit in 2011-2012
              all site report Fab 8 Glofo->xbox
              Bleeding edge->low yield



                New PS5 Rumor as we enter the Day 3 of GDC 2019. This rumor claims that the PS5 has;
                9.216 Teraflops of GPU power
                12GB of GDDR6 + 4GB of DDR4 (16 totall)
                8 Core/16T Ryzen (+) CPU
                Sony still aiming at $399 price tag

                (Take it with grain of salt)

                this wont be posted on forum because the number bit low
                but this is the actually quite logical
                this is what I posted on twit too
                PS4 = 0.8 Ghz
                PS4pro= 0.9 Ghz
                PS5 logically 1-1.1 Ghz

                so no wonder recent leaked PS5 from GDC is about 9.7 TF
                let said it is 72 CU
                72 x 64 x 2 x 1.05 Ghz = ~9.6 TF
                at 1 Ghz it is ~9.2TF


                • start to inline ....

                  boom ...

                  as expected
                  inline with birdie said
                  #datacentre design

                  NTB related to Infinity fabric
                  for multidie or MCM
                  interesting also NVme on amd slide

                  Arden (X2 main SOC) have it
                  Ariel (PS5) dont have it

                  official AMD slide :


                  • art of xbox


                    reason there is NTB (on Arden etc)
                    1st leak : GPU0 Arctururs/RT one
                    2nd leak , GPU_ Navi One (MainSOC)


                    • What do you think about this two?


                      It feels like it's too early for MS to adapt Intels Xe, could AMD with MS help create something similar?



                      I see this as a huge thing, I mean AI being used for stuff like this (making the devs life easier = better utilization of the HW, more polished game, less bugs etc.) and this is mostly software based. If anything MS would be far more capable than Sony when it comes to software and they have their own AI projects. Let alone if MS couples this with dedicated HW. I've been reading on ResetEra and everyone there is hyping up the possibility of Sony coming out with a better System, because their the current market leader. But wouldn't MS that's currently in second place if not 3rd place (according to some out there) push the envelope so much more to retake the number one spot? What would be the best marketing strategy if not "the best most powerful console + myriad of triple A studios". I mean people claiming that Sony is going to go all out because they're the current market leader seemingly ignore that MS has been acquiring studios left and right, and creating a studio made of some of the biggest devs out there + supposedly still out "shopping" for studios. And yet them spending similar amount of many on the HW side of things is not something that crossed anyone's mind over there.

                      Also seems like people are hopping MS is incapable of taking a loss on HW. We know the reasoning behind this. On the other hand I hope Sony comes out with something powerful, just so they push MS to deliver even more.

                      What if MS has been the one working with AMD or Intel on something beyond Navi, what if they're working with Intel on Xe or at least offering them something in return?

                      Listening to Brad Sams the other day it seems MS has gone with AMD for their surface and other products, what if that deal was also to get a discount and/or better tech for their xbox side of things? What can Sony do in that respect? I mean if MS decides every Surface Laptop (just this one thing) from now one will come with AMD parts seems like a huge deal for AMD (albeit Intel is not happy about that) and they would be willing to form an alliance with MS where they share tech that's yet to be seen by anyone else. Could we be seeing Arcturus if not things beyond Arcturus? I mean roadamps are made 7-10 years in advance, these are huge investments we're talking about. What if MS has first dibs on tech that will appear on the market in a few years from now. What if they could take at least some part of said tech and put it in their current console? As long as you have AI to help devs with the more demanding tasks (or new paradigms) than it doesn't matter how exotic the HW is no?

                      Also would you think these xbx2 specs are plausible:


                      CPU: Custom AMD Zen 2 8C/16T @ 3.2GHz
                      GPU: Custom AMD Navi @ 1475MHz
                      MEMORY: 48GB GDDR6 @ 672GB/s
                      STORAGE: SSD 4TB NVMe @ 3GB/s

                      You think they could go beyond that still?

                      Also apologies for droping this half rant into this section.
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                      • raytracing
                        raytracing commented
                        Editing a comment
                        to soon for scarlett for Intels Xe
                        if xbox was really serious about it they would go back to intel nvidia duo
                        to destroy competition
                        "I mean AI being used for stuff like this (making the devs life easier = better utilization of the HW, more polished game, less bugs etc.) and this is mostly software based. If anything MS would be far more capable than Sony"
                        yes but less good that google or amazon in ia and we still don't know if sony is working with google or amazon or even microsoft for the future
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                      • OrionWolf
                        OrionWolf commented
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                        raytracing maybe not Xe, but Intels CXL in AMD form, they could basically put two AMD GPUs in there.
                        The premise for CXL is that you (and this is big) have a reason to go with a mGPU configuration now. Before that it was a waste of money which could have been better spent on a single, but ultimately better GPU.
                        For example, If you bought two GPUs with 8GBs of ram it would still count as just a 8GB pool, now with CXL it would coun't as a 16GB pool.
                        Moreover, they could make Scarlet with one GPU and Anaconda with two. Albeit not sure how feasible that is, let alone the pricing, but wouldn't this be a good thing in regards to the yields? It' one of the reasons why Ryzen 3000 can be priced as low as it is. Also AMD is the one with IF (infinity fabric) so if they apply the same principle (MCM design) to the GPUs they could sell it to MS as they are the ones that have been heavily rumored to be coming with two SKUs and (imho) it would the most cost effective solution.

                        All that is just me spouting out possible theories no idea how feasible it is, it would be more than welcome to get someone to say if there's any merit to this wall of text.

                        Edit: Thinking about it for a bit longer, how much is it impossible for Xe to be part of the xbx design? We know their supposed to release the GPUs in 2020 with gen 11 of their integrated graphic engine. According to them it's a big step forward.
                        I know Intel is planing to get into the dGPU market, but with AMD and Nvidia (especially the later) they're either have to give the consumer something really different; best value for the money out of all of three or ... and this is just me speculating ... make a deal with either Sony or MS to put the GPUs in their respective consoles, with Xe we're also looking at APUs from Intel that could theoretically compete with AMD (if not surpass them?), would it be impossible?
                        We know they're loosing market share to AMD in regards to their CPUs, and they have no market share when it comes to GPUs. Once upon a time they were expensive, but would they lower their prices to regain some CPU market share and have a (at least) a presence in the GPU market by going with either?
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                      • raytracing
                        raytracing commented
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                        i hope it's is
                        i want everything in the anaconda
                        but let us remind it's 500 $ console ;)

                    • Xbox already usng Xe like tech infact I already put in early page
                      and recently more linkedin surfaced confirmed about it

                      remember the reason X1 has all 16 VA same as Vega
                      and guest host GPUMMU, because Xbox has that tech and xbox has many accelerator block each block is connected to Guest Host MMU system

                      example of linkedin
                      the same guy doing infinity fabric like tech, for all major company

                      Nvidia = Nvlink
                      AMD infinity fabric
                      Xbox = High speed coherent

                      also reason xbox has NTB, non transparent bridge is on Arden but not in Ariel


                      • OrionWolf
                        OrionWolf commented
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                        Do you personally think they could come out with a stronger console (thanks to very advanced tech) without relying on TFlops as a metric? You think AI could be a thing like it is in smartphones?

                      • mistercteam
                        mistercteam commented
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                        oh it will stronger,
                        X1X already reach 1.2Ghz
                        PS4pro is 0.9

                        people think sony could easily move from 0.9 to 1.4 nope remember we are constrait by console design
                        MS already move to Hovis 2.0 and RD cooling for X2

                        plus X2 has more advanced tech

                      • OrionWolf
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                        Also MS was the first to introduce liquid cooling in the smartphone industry. SMARTPHONE! Let alone a console, they are probably trying to increase either the clock-speed or increase the CU count, all dependent on the cooling and the power draw. And lets consider this, the supposed Navi 10 with 56CUs draws 180W of power, the RX580 that the xb1x is supposedly based on, has 36CUs (the xb1x has 40CUs!) and a power draw of 185W on average, but it can easily go beyond 200W when gaming, while the xb1x with the gpu, cpu, mobo etc. draws only 172W while playing Gears 4! Tell me how there's no benefit or extraordinary accomplishment in the custom design of the xb1x!
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