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  • Hey MrC if I could pick your brain a bit, so the rumors are that rDNA2 is going to use HBM2E, one of the manufacturers of HBME2 is Samsung.

    "Samsung is positioning HBM2E for the next-gen datacenter running HPC, AI/ML, and graphics workloads. By using four HBM2E stacks with a processor that has a 4096-bit memory interface, such as a GPU or FPGA, developers can get 64 GB of memory with a 1.64 TB/s peak bandwidth—something especially needed in analytics, AI, and ML"
    What if MS partnership allows them a better price for HBM2E which is still a very costly memory in comparison to GDDR6 and by doing that they could not only have a more powerful GPU, but a much faster transfer rate. The part about AI/ML intrigues me the most. What do you think they should go with in terms of memory solution? HBM or GDDR?


    • mistercteam
      Editing a comment
      X2 or XSX has L4 which basically a custom HBM2 like but for cache

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