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    Halo 5 - Pre Order:

    I have pre-ordered H5 and preloading it. Anybody else who has pre-ordered it. I wasn't going to originally order it but the overall coverage to this point and the sprint videos have really increased my hype level.


    • David Michael
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      On the fence about when I'm getting this and how. Thinking about getting an additional XB1 which is making me consider getting a disc. ugh :p Have 2 XBL profiles-2 360's and is just seeming like my best option with BC coming in. Still very salty that family share plan went away from all the stupid Sony DRM crying drama. Now they charge people to play last gen games at half the frame rate while I have to consider being all archaic with a flippin disc purchase - grrrrrrrrrr

    • hasmeh
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      David Michael. Yep, that is one thing I definitely miss from the original plan. I have always thought from there we would have also seen the formation of digital marketplace on X1. So basically selling licenses of played games. It is still possible and I hope it does happen.

    • Jedidiah73
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      I pre-ordered the best edition available digitally on X1, think it was called the deluxe edition. I did it pretty quickly after it first became avaiable to pre-order, it's been awhile, but can't remember the exact date. Is anyone going to pre-order deluxe Rise of Tomb Raider? Doesn't seem like much content? I went ahead and pre-ordered Battlefront regular, the deluxe was crap, in my opinion.

    • nitraM_Br
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      I preordered it ages ago, the special edition with the statue. Can pick it up midnight on launch day :) completely hyped up about it and I am sure it wont disappoint.

    • Titanman
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      Preordered as well - has always been my favorite series.

    • Akita Ainu
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      I ordered it on disc when pre-orders became available. I'd love to have a digital version but couldn't justify the 拢14 price difference.

    • slasaru
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      I preordered the digital version. Nice thing is Halo Spartan Assault comes for free (but I already own it sadly). Though I cannot see if it predownloading - there is nothing about the status of the installation. You have "uninstall" option but looks like it's some tiny file compared to 60Gb game size. How can I make sure it's downloaded in full?

    • Joddington
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      I'm getting it from Amazon; can't argue with an 拢8 saving over digital.

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    Hi guys,

    I downloaded the Starwars Battlefront Beta last night and played it for only 2 rounds of the 20 vs 20 so I haven't given it much attention at al

    I have to say it was fun, however I think most of that fun was playing as a starwars character with tie fighters etc, however I can see it being really repetitive and potentially boring.

    I am a graphics NUT however when I was playing (that level) with the big AT Walkers etc I didn't really notice anything that really took away from the game, The pop in was a little more noticeable. I know it might only be 720p but it was not something that stood out as much as it did in BF4.

    In saying all of this I need to play it more but still not sure if I will buy it at all.

    Also I play on a 1080P projector with a 2.5 mtr screen, so its not like I was on a small screen either.

    I have already ordered Halo 5 and I know I ill be playing that way more.

    It really goes to show how limiting the DX11 is with a game like BF4 and SWBF because the ONLY reason the resolution isn't higher is because of the thrashing it gives to the CPU which is AMPLIFIED by DX11 code

    Game on.



    • TheCrazyOne
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      You need to play on the lvl where u defend against waves... that's when 720p really is noticeable... so many jaggies.

    • David Michael
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      Watched my kids play on a 1080p screen @65"'s....looked just fine to me. Actually looked good. You could be critical about certain parts/objects having aliasing and some pop in but I was not playing and looking for these qualities and it's a non-issue. Console games have yet to get much better. It's pretty exciting to think what the future holds. This is still pre-DX12 and an EA game so all signs point to awesome graphics ahead. Shame were 2 years in and still waiting on next gen engines. UE4 AAA games wave ONE coming in 2016.......daaaaaaaang. Somebody released a console waaaaaaaaaay too early. Ponies will get this just to continue the dream that the PS3.5 is the most powa! thing ever-whilst they still can :P

    • TheCrazyOne
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      David Michael Unfortunately I didn't have to look to find that the game has a serious amount of aliasing, seriously every object(especially from distance) in the map where u fight waves of enemys(the canyon level) look like ants are crawling on the sides of them...
      Last edited by TheCrazyOne; 10-11-2015, 09:06 AM.

    • nitraM_Br
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      I downloaded the beta on the PC, and it looks pretty good in 1920 x 1200 (GTX680 in SLI). What i ve seen around the web on both PS4 and XBone they are both underwhelming, it seems that dice has not really changed their efforts since battlefield 4, and we all know that game was broken when it came out. Will pass on this one and wait till its free on ea access. Halo, tomb raider and assasins creed will keep me busy anyway

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    Interview with 343 on Halo 5, free DLC so everyone will be playing the same maps. This is how it should be done!

    " There's two reasons we're doing this. One, we decided from the get-go that we wanted to make a very big investment in our players. We didn't just want to release a game and hope it worked. We wanted to say okay, this is an investment in our players. So we're revealing two completely different multiplayer experiences. We're going at it big, we're giving them dedicated servers, so it really felt natural, when it came to the DLC question, to put all of our players in one place. With Halo 4, you could have the season pass, DLC 1, DLC 2, DLC 3, and all of a sudden you have six different buckets and players have to make decisions about whether they play new content or with their friends.
    We just couldn't solve that in game design. The solution was to put everyone in the same playlist. The benefit of this is it's going to give us better match-making, because there's less buckets people have to filter through, everybody has access to the same content, it's going to give us a lot more focus on when we want to start adding things. So that was the biggest deal for us when we were making that decision."


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      Star wars battlefront is such a Jekyll and Hyde of a game!!! I was really looking forward to this game but hearing there's no campaign and at the moment running at 720p in my eyes is unacceptable in this 2nd year of " next gen " era especially asking full price!!!

      But having played the beta I have to admit I really enjoy the game yes the issues everyone says about the graphics are true and there's alot Dice need to do to really polish the game but above all this it is a fun game to play, the sounds and music are amazing and the atmosphere the game creates is stunning.

      I just hope they delay the game and get it to the standard we all deserve they are on the right path it would be such a shame if they release this with all these problems still in the final build if so I will be so disappointed the amount of unfinished, bad quality of games out there at the moment is becoming such a joke!!!

      Please Dice don't let me down!!!

      Ok rant over sorry everyone needed to get that off my chest 馃槉


      • TheCrazyOne
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        Well judging by Dice's past, it will have issues on launch. I don't think it'll be as bad as BF4 though.

      • Nitfol
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        It's the resolution that really puts me off. It spoils the look of the game. 900p, as we have seen previously, can look very good and not too different from 1080p. 720p is just too aliased, especially when AA appears not to be employed. PS4 is pushing 56% more pixels at a more consistent frame rate. Even if the engine used is not optimised for XBox, the difference shouldn't be that great. If a developer doesn't put the effort in, they won't get my money.

        This shit will continue as long as people put up with it.

      • Kadarky
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        Yeah its such a shame but I think it comes with age as much as I love star wars and this game has hugh potential I just refuse to pay full price for in my eyes half a game with no campaign and below standard quality at the moment if it was 拢30 I wouldn't mind so much but I no EA will never do that because they will get lots of sales anyway just cos its Star Wars

      • slasaru
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        This is the game that should be in a vault for free

      • martymcfly
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        720p is a bit on the low side, yes, but if the game could employ some good AA, it renders very photorealistically so if they get the AA right, it could look like a blu-ray rip at 720p which would be acceptable IMHO :) Only if they get the AA right, though.

      • Kadarky
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        Yes I think if they get the AA right then it could save the game for me the lighting and textures are good just needs a bit of smoothing I played it again this morning and I always have a blast playing it just have to wait till near the time the game comes out to see what DICE can do with it fingers crossed 馃槉

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      Halo 5 - Sprint Season 3 - Composer:

      This stuff is amazing. I have already watched this a number of times and it is hype. The new rendition of 117 (from Halo 4) at the end is perfect. 117 and Arrival being my favourite tracks from Halo 4.


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        Just cause 3 XB1 gameplay new footage !!!! So hyped day one for me !!!!


        • TheCrazyOne
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          Are u sure its XB1 and not PC with a xbox controller? Cause it looks and runs really well for game with more than a month of optimizing left. Also I wouldn't be shocked if this game is 1080p on X1 considering its the same team who did Mad Max,

          Edit: it is the PC version it says it in the video description.... matter in fact all the videos I see ppl playing this is the PC version.... I guess the console versions aren't ready to be shown off.
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        • Dwayne
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          The console versions will be 1080p 30 fps . this game looks to good for me to pass up on PC

        • TheCrazyOne
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          I cant get it on PC, I can barley run Just Cause 2 at 60fps at 1080p. I hope the performance is good on X1.
          Last edited by TheCrazyOne; 10-12-2015, 02:48 AM.

        • Dwayne
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          will be devs have stated game is better optimized for Xb1 over ps4 they actually said that .

        • TheCrazyOne
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          Dwayne Oh yea I know they said that and judging from Mad Max I think the X1 might have a slight pref advantage but still, you never know till it's released.
          Last edited by TheCrazyOne; 10-12-2015, 08:54 AM.

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        40 mins of Just cause 3 some insane footage this PC version.


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          Again, here it is BiG Porras, bringing you another great article & Forum.

          It is this special occasion, I opened a new secion on my channel, called "The talks with BiG". A place where you will gather with me on my couch and we'll talk about the game world affairs.
          A place where I fussion it my old sections 'my opinions', 'good things - bad things' and other sections about impressions and opinions.

          And I wanted to inaugurate it with two videos on closed betas that just happen these days, R6|Siege and NFS 2015.

          We have been enjoy both BETAS between the last days of Spetiembre and early October, dates that have coincided holding betas of these games (in the case of Siege, by extension of the original deadline).

          Let's start with the BETA R6|Siege.

          I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. While Ubisoft usually not mistreat Tom Clancy franchise, I did not expect this game to be so good, and above all, I liked so much.
          They have managed to combine the collaborative team combat, with terrorist "battles" against police, in a way that did not obtain the Battelfields of the last years, or even the mythical Payday Conuter stricke.

          Here you can not run like crazy, here you have to think (but not, go slow at all). Manages strategy and equally frenetic. If you die, you die, you can not trust, what makes you go with more caution whenever dobas a corner, or try to cross a roadblock. And again, time is short, so relax and trust you not mpuedes.

          Collaborate with your peers will be more important than ever, whether to defend positions and mount defenses, tactically or attack from several flanks. All this led to a very natural and intuitive way. With dozens of choices to make when attacking or defending.

          Anyway, I will not tell you more, and I would urge my Video-Impressions:

          (Spanish video)

          You see, a game which highlights the most important of all, the care for the details, offer choices, give roads, for offering a complete and well thought out experience.
          An almost round game, if not for the "inconvenience" of not having a as such, which will be a bad thing (or not) depends on everyone 'Campaing mode'.

          路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路 路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路 路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路路

          Well, let us now talk about the new Need For Speed.

          I have to say that this beta has left me mixed feelings.
          While the game looks great, no bugs are appreciated, and the magnificent work stands Ghost Studios. I can not help but focus on those details or aspects that make the game, for me, is not an experience all round.

          I'm not saying that the game has nothing bad, but, just that it seems that the new EA study would have covered too with this new installment of the franchise. And though, it is spectacular the trabajazo they got, is not without light and shade almost equally.

          I leave you with my review:

          (Spanish video)

          As I commented, a spectacular work by developers, but with techniques and approaches that for me are not entirely accurate.
          We are also one of the best NFS so far, that the avoidance of doubt. Only the saga wear long suffering, and this hopeful delivery, almost broke the tradition of continuity and torpor that had we used the series, almost ... Although as I said, the game is great and very meritorious, but in unbalanced approach and final impression (in my opinion).

          And here, the Video-Articles are finish TODAY.
          I hope you enjoyed it as much as me, and I bring you good way managed to convey everything that accounted both games for me.

          Thanks for joining us on this new journey (one of many who have undertaken this fall so loaded with new features both TGo and me)

          And as always, BiG Porras, an article for & Forum

          THANK YOU!
          Last edited by BiG Porras; 10-12-2015, 11:58 AM.


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            Phil Spencer says the XB1 will not catch the ps4....and that ppl still have impressions of the console being unable to play used games and is an online only system......

            Well how can this be? --- Phil dont talk about the console like i think they should is why...all he wants to talk about is games...dont get me wrong to focus on games is great, but what good does it do if ppl dont care or want the console to play it on?

            They started off using specs to describe the xb1 being so much times more powerful than the 360 and such and said nothing more when ppl started to seriously? Now that sounds like marketing BS to most....

            Phil had so many opportunities to talk hardware and give the internet exactly what they want regardless if those specs are second best to least then ppl would have more facts out there about the xb1....we still to this point have no idea what is an realistic expectation of dx12 on yes putting emphasis on games as the priority over the hardware is like putting focus on selling fuel and not the car to put the fuel sounds good to ppl who already have the console and like u said phil what about those that dont have it? They are the ones who dont know what the xb1 can do cause ur not focusing on letting ppl know..heck am way above an average gamer and even i dont know what to expect cause u refuse to tell us....we knew the specs of atari all nintendos ps sega xbox and xbox 360 systems but for some strange reason not the xb1 :-(

            Ppl like and praise Phil..i dont i prefer peter moore...he gets it that more games < more consoles

            I watch the windows 10 conference and i was blown away by how motivated those guys were to be number one directly going at apple watch with their own version and at mac book pro with windows surface book boosting about specs and direct comparisons...then like always xb1 is a mentioned and not a focus...i was like omg..same dance from team xbox in selling hardware...i saw SP4 and i was looking at my SP3 in the corner of my eyes with scorn...thats how well they sold me on upgrading to SP4

            I still have friends who are died hard xb fans on 360 who are not sold xb1 is the better choice..i had to convince one to get and xb1 first cause he wanted a ps4 first...he is not into halo at all...yes they are xbox owners that are not into halo

            We get it phil this is the best xbox lineup in history but u still need to sell hardware to sell the games ur focusing on cause most xb1 owner is only buying 1 copy of exclusives and not 5

            look at ps2 the most dominant console in history didnt sold majority of their console on games but the hardware that was also a dvd player which was a good selling point...ps4 on being the most powerful regardless of lack of exclusives.....

            i had on my friends on xb360 exactly 31 ppl i actually talk to and know in real life...among others, only 6 are on xb1 and might be a 7th but he is in a limbo about the halo bundle cause he doesnt want to pay for all the stuff in bundle he claims he doesnt want....but get this every single friend i have on xb1 are all halo fans....that is a strange fact i realized while we were party up...i guess the others dont share our interest so they still have 360 or is now on ps4

            so no xbox wont catch ps4 cause we are not trying to...but i do hope at least in NA it over takes ps4 when its all said and done...

            But be honest guys it is disheartening when the xb1 boss says he dont believe xb1 has what it takes to be number even after the whole its not a sprint its a marathon quote....if there is another xbox after this one i hope phil is not the leader...and its not that i hate him...its just that i prefer him to be in charge of games and a guy like peter moore should be in charge of the team and hardware....if a tablet and lap top can be so competitive why is the umber one form of entertainment (gaming) is so passive? ????
            Last edited by kolanji; 10-12-2015, 12:04 PM.


            • TheCrazyOne
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              UM... he never said that it wont catch the PS4, he simply said "I don't know" and yet ppl THINK that means "I don't think" Seriously ppl need some reading comprehension classes... When he says "I don't know" he was giving a realistic answer cause no one knows....
              It's ass clown media that try's to spin it to make him seem he meant that he doesn't believe XB1 has what it takes and ignorant ppl lap it up even though they can read his original interview where he never said such thing.

              He doesn't see Sony or Nintendo as competition, he would rather please gamers and try to sell he's console to gamers than to 1up Sony or Nintendo...

              Unfortunately ppl tend to hold a grudge and with the way the XB1 reveal went.... yea... He has work to do....

              I do agree he need to be more aggressive.

              Here's the direct quote: "You know, I don鈥檛 know. You know, the length of the generation鈥 [Sony] have a huge lead and they have a good product. I love the content, the games line-up that we have." where do you read "I don't believe our product is good enough"?
              Last edited by TheCrazyOne; 10-12-2015, 12:29 PM.

            • kolanji
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              @ thecrazyOne i hear what ur saying but my point is this ppl still have misconceptions of the xb1 because they are not talking about the product me and u will get deeper and hence they reason we are on This site right now.....but average consumers wont....
              Regardless if Phil is competing with Nintendo or Sony, he should focus more on the hardware so these misconceptions can go away finally....let the facts about xb1 be out of right now they are way too many opinions and wrong info floating around and u cant replace an opinion with another opinion only facts can do so and we need ms to give us the facts they say from the horse's mouth

              Xb1 is a great for it...not so much

              Been gaming since the 80's and other than a tv a console is the most consistent unit in my living room...i hope and pray it stays that way i really ddot want xbox to become a service that would disheartened me badly...i just want xbox to be its best whatever that is

              If the facts were out there about xbox one we will be much better off...ppl like MRc would spend less time trying to figure out whats inside the box and more time with us talking about the same games we love
              Am sure most of us came to the LiveJournal to find facts about xbox one cause we couldn't anywhere else on the internet? And also to get away from all the negativity and bullying from the fanboys.....

              Then the live journal gave fans hope that soon facts would be revealed to haul the conversation so the internet can move on. But again we r still her with misconceptions of the xb1

              ..parasite took heat for trying to bring us facts and we wanted the fact so badly we help sponsored his passage..if that is not showing how invested ppl r to know the facts about xb1 then what is?

              So again MS is to blame for the misconceptions and being phil is the head then by ll means phil is to blame
              Last edited by kolanji; 10-12-2015, 12:46 PM.

            • TheCrazyOne
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              kolanji MS was very open from the start with XB1, but ppl didn't believe them so they decided to stay quite. They said the the system BW can reach to 272gigs cause you can combine both DDR3 and eSram and yet ppl say the XB1 has less BW than the PS4 which has 176gigs, even DF says it has less BW and they're the ones who interviewed MS which they said can go up to 272gigs if combined....

            • xboxon1hut
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              TheCrazyOne like I said negativity is the hardest thing to overcome. stupid fox news watching americans think obama let 9/11 happen so were not talking a country with competence. and this is where the battle ground for xbox is. like it or not sony is beating ms on all marketing fronts.

              just look at facts
              -ms $499
              -sony $399

              -ms kinect
              - sony yanks it out of the box to undercut that price

              -ms drm confusion
              -sony this is how we trade games
              (bs still floating around)

              -ms oh look at our holiday bundles $399
              -sony we dont have shit but $349
              (Remember last holidays sony had the $399 bundles and ms announced $349 who did best? )

              -ms Tomb Raider exclusive "Holiday 2015"
              -sony Street Fighter V exclusive forever. ALL versions

              -ms were focused on 1st Party. locks their 2 biggest studios up to single franchise
              -sony were going to do like the 360. go after 3rd party, sprinkle the first party, and go after the casuals.
              (casuals are how you win not gamers look at the wii)

              -ms jump ahead (to what?)
              -sony this is for the players.
              (for small minded people you associate it with gamers. but its psych 101 business marketing. guys that get a lot of sex are called players get the picture now?)

              only thing the xbox team is good at marketing is halo. like i said earlier they wasted 500 million on NFL a 5 month sport.

              and that for the life of me i cant understand why he said what he said. it is stupid for him to even respond to that question with anything less than to give the fanbase (more so the rabid fanboys) optimism. if i was in his shoes i would have just said stay tune. that would have been an answer met with intrigue and had sony shaking in their boots like what are they planning. then just start buying everything up.

              perception is everything. you have to constantly fight for it. the phrase i dont know is a lack of confidence. in him, the brand and the company. the microsoft devices event had everyone on a high about microsoft new vision. then phil spencer kicks them in the balls.

            • TheCrazyOne
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              xboxon1hut He's being honest... If you ask me if the NX well be as powerful as the XB1/PS4 i will say "I don't know". The simple fact is ppl twist what Phil says... he is abit to timid and honest and needs to be more aggressive but I don't think he lacks confidence at all. He simply doesn't know which is a honest realistic response to the question.

              If Phil or MS has to stoop to Sonys BS marketing lvls and overhyped and underdilivering promises to get more gamers than I'll be pissed off. That just tells me that gamers are mindless idiots.
              Last edited by TheCrazyOne; 10-12-2015, 12:54 PM.

            • Schnullikulli
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              I think Phil Spencer is very right in how he handles the Xbox One right know. The answer "i dont know" is the right answer to an stupid question. They are right in saying we dont see this as a competition between Sony and Microsoft in a way were one is loosing and one is winning like a Final in sports, because thats just wrong. Both are doing very well. Yes more people buy a PS4 right now. But concentrate on Sony is the wrong step. Its concentrate on your own strength and what you can do better. And thats what Microsoft should do and what they will do right know. They cant make consumers buy more Xbox Ones right know. Thats just fact. They need to slowly gain trust back from the consumers.

              Talking about Hardware will help nothing. They need to concentrate on good quality exklusive games and features and promote this games and features!

            • xboxon1hut
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              TheCrazyOne Schnullikulli The correct answer would have been an unanswer. If it was me I would have said stay tune or we will see. Those are honest answers without pessimism. On one hand you have Satya sounding enthused but the gaming side of MS depress. Microsoft has billions sitting to be used. They spent a half a billion for one sport deal in a niche market. Im sure they could get half a billion to spend on advertising. Thats 1 million every single day for 500 days. How is it that Sony is outspending microsoft on that?

            • xreadmore
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              I kind of agree with you, Peter Moore is probably pissed at what Mattrick and Balmer did with the xbox brand. They killed it, and I don't mean in a good way. I still believe to this day that they planed on releasing a new xbox each year. It's why it was underpowered. They thought "phones do it, tablets do it, computers do it, all hardware does it, so let's do it too." I know it's what they thought, they were full of horrible decisions and made a giant box with mobile guts with the plan of releasing a new console with slightly better specs each year. They could have pulled it off too had they sold the console like a phone... like if they said "If you have Live Gold and maintain the subscription the xbox is $0 and is paid off slowly over time. Once it's paid off you can upgrade."
              Personally I think that strategy would have worked, it was the only way it would work. But instead Mattrick was like "Durrr DRM, Durrr TV, Durr can't trade games"
              Phil has turned it around some but he needs to do more. Just put out the Xbox Two and be done. Allow current owners to trade it in for free this time and have a clear message that going forward there will be new hardware each year.
              Phil if you're reading this, there is your strategy, now go pay a PR team millions to figure out how to do it with max impact.

            • TheCrazyOne
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              xreadmore It's not under-powered. It's obvious the XB1 wasnt designed for DX11 and therefore struggles with it... even MS said it was designed for DX12 which just released on PC and even new HW dont fully support it yet but XB1 does...
              Last edited by TheCrazyOne; 10-12-2015, 02:59 PM.

            • xboxon1hut
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              TheCrazyOne @xreadmore

              is it under powered out the box it is. but lets look at how they presented it. go back to the reveal and see how many times they mentioned cloud powered. powered by the cloud. it was design the way it was for a reason. everyone have to really think what would we be looking at if all games were ran through the cloud. that is the question that we will never know. even the guys at naughty dog said after seeing crackdown they wonder how things would be if they could have stuck it out. microsoft totally blew it with the review by not showing more games but they said they wouldnt. they said its a 2 part the reveal was fluff and e3 was games games games. and if you look at the reveals microsoft showed more AAA games. all sony did was show a crap load of indies. just goes to prove that most gamers are blind and dumb as mules.

            • TheCrazyOne
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              xboxon1hut its underpowerd if u compare it to PC, However it was in fact designed for DX12 AND cloud. they'll both make a significant impact if devs use them. MS(Aaron) even said DX12 will have a significant impact on both XB1 and PC but ppl tend to ignore that... also they ignore the DX team pretty much confirmed it was designed for DX12 and will benefit it more than a normal PC.
              Last edited by TheCrazyOne; 10-12-2015, 03:21 PM.

            • Schnullikulli
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              I dont see Microsoft/ Phil Spencer being depressed about Xbox One. In the Last 12 Month they all sound very positive and enthusiastic. Directx 12, New Dashboard (win10 devices), Big Exklusives, new Hardware (Controller, ...), more free Games on Xbox live, .... what else do you want?

              Also i dont think the Xbox One or PS4 are underpowered this gen. Its not more underpowered as X360 or ps3 was. I dont know why people always say that the consoles are underpowered compared to PC this Gen.

              Just compare the games when ps3 and x360 were 1-2 years Old. For example Modern Warfare 2. When it came out the xbox360 was 2 Years old here in Europe. It ran at 1024x600 at 60 FPS on x360. On PC, with a 250 Euro Graphics card (HD 5850) you were able to play it with much better Textures and Details in 2560x1600 at 60 FPS ( Thats a 466 % higher Resolution with much better Textures and higher Settings. And it was the same with other games.

              Now compare this to todays games. You wont be able to play the games on PC with a 250 Euro Graphics Card at a 466 % higher Resolution, much better Textures and higher Settings! And now think about consoles this gen are even cheaper than in 2009! What do people expect to get?

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            Fable Legends rocked this last weekend! A new update added a lot of new content and features. I especially enjoyed the kicking the chicken game. The rays coming off the night time lamp post was interesting effect. Some rough parts, but what an improvement to the scope and story line of the game.


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              Kick Ass Trailer


              But it sort of proves what I posted earlier. Why doesnt Microsoft promote other IP like they do Halo? This is over 6 months of continual advertisement. Why did Square come out and say Tomb Raider wasnt exclusive? After gamescom the said Microsoft would show them love they needed for the game marketing wise. Where is it? If Sony had it they'd shove it down everyones throat like they're doing with 3rd Party deals.


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                That was epic, cant wait for Halo... Keep posting vids like this, I'm away from from home so don't get much time to watch anything!!

                Still check here daily though 馃榿