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Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.

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  • Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.

    Wake up America. He tells the truth. (Russia actually released the facts to support this claim two weeks ago, yet it is no where in the USA news. ISIS is a mercenary group in Syria to overthrow Assad and destabilize the middle east in Israel, Saudi and USA favour)

    Your goverment create wars, bomb civils under false flags and make amoral crimes. Why half of you continue to support that crimes? Brainwashed or really like when your gov bomb free nations under false flags?

    Kennedy was right - USA is controlled from backstage.

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    lol donald trump is an ignorant racist ass that will say anything. i dont care if hes sucking putins dick at the moment. while yes the cia created al queda to fight russia no one had to create isis. american constant presence in the middle east is enough to create and sustain any terrorist group. i will teach you about american politics with one statement. republicans are assholes 99% of the candidates running for president are assholes. white supremacist hate the black president even tho the fucker is pretty much reagan with a tan. donald trump is catering to that ignorant part of america. we wouldnt be in the middle east bombing if republican bush with other republicans didnt create 9/11 just to go to war to get rid of saddam. trump is just another rich guy that is part of the oligarch and plutocrats. and hell no i dont support hillary either.

    lol you talk about bombing free nations try being a black man in this country lol


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      so, whom do you support? whos is right and make peace? who is killing civilians all over the world by inviding free nations under false flags?


      • Mkai28
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        You don't know how right you are, 911,ISIS,Boston Bombing, all the US Government. People still think we elect our presidents, all the presidents are related..

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      Originally posted by Misterx View Post
      so, whom do you support? whos is right and make peace? who is killing civilians all over the world by inviding free nations under false flags?
      the biggest problem with america is that most politicians especially republicans are puppets for the military industrial complex aka americas biggest scammers. these right wing nut jobs cry about obama being some radical muslim leftist bring down the country in debt but cant take their head out their ass and see the big ass sign where the pentagon said they cant account for trillions. government contracts are the biggest money making coupe to get. i mean all these idiots never question why the dept of defense pays $100 for a $20 hammer. they create planes costing billions that never leave the hanger. thats trillions of wasted tax payer dollars every year but the ignorant racist whites have been dupe to think that millions going to stuff like public education, food stamps etc.. are some economy draining entities. whats funny is the majority of people on food stamps are white too lol. the stuff im saying is not to come off as some hate speech but this board is about the truth.

      white supremacy is why america acts the way it acts and does the things it does. the entire west to be frank are cancer to humanity. the real reason they go to war is so they can make more weapons, bombs, bullets, etc... they attack the middle east for the same reason they keep africa in the dark. most of the worlds wealth is there. if africa ever woke the fuck up the rest of the world would turn to shit real fast.

      You want to know how fucked up america is? how do we have practically double the people in jail than china who has triple the amount of people? why did i politicians sell prisons to corporations who goal is to profit? how in the hell did guarantee occupancy of these prisons? its why blacks have been targeted since the end of slavery and why they are being executed today.

      you ask who do i support for now its Bernie Sanders. he voted against going to iraq.


      • Misterx
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        Thats sucks man.

        You say you have no equal rights with white people?

        Federal reserve is a private company. They print money in amount they want and buy everything and everybody they need. They make mass brainwash in media making claims without 100% proof so the system continue to expand and give cheap resources forever.

        They declare equal rights but the system is manipulated and nobody have equal rights as a given. The owners of this system(white people) have an advantage because they been first to create such a system ages ago.

        Some nations were more competitive than others. So some nations offer to other naions work for them. They problem is - some nations ruled by criminals in law that don't mind do amoral things and earn money on blood and using mass lies and brainwash.

        Their only enemy is the truth and moral. Everybody can live in peace and have enought of everything in this world without need to make wars. But they want to rule. The rule power is more then money can buy.

        Rest of the world are aware of all of this and ispreparing a better world. Without dollar banksters.In any case - whilte golden billion of dollar banksters is only 20% of the whole world population.

        Support thouse who is preparing a better world without wars and slavering in law. Western media will never tell a good thing about such individuals who try to stop all thouse amoral things created by people who trade just a peace of paper called dollar for our souls. And 80% of this world have no other options other than accept this deadly deal and live by rules of that unfair system.

        So if you go Trump you will live better faster acually. BEcause Trump say that other 80% of this world think and do. We all hope he is really independed and will be not killed as Kennedy too fast. Even other 20% who live good now and don't want loose its good lives will live better actually if the banksters will go and federal reserve will be controlled by federal goverment again or if the the rest of the world will create dollar free system(and its creating now).

        To stop creation of this new dollar-free system banksters need make new big war. They are preparing it. Rest of the world is preparing their defence and nukes targeted for USA too.

        Will banksters fire first so free nations will be forced to use its nukes too? Or will bankster accept new world trade principals: without a player who print money in amount it needs and buy goods and nations cheap? Remains to be seen.

      • xboxon1hut
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        Misterx rest of the world? every member of the UN is in it together. khadafi was out spoken so they killed him. you know why? both him and sadaam was going to create their own currency it would have destroyed the dollar and euro since it was based on gold. if the africans werent so stupid they would unite but they have been brainwashed. look at how all the most valuable metals and stones come from africa but europe and america create a corrupt financial system putting them in debt. if i was those countries i would have said fuck the west.

        sorry man trump is an ignorant pompous ass racist i would never support an asshole like that. dont be deceive by donald trump just cause hes a rich man. people think that just because hes a business man he can fix the economy. wall street are businessmen and they fuck up the economy of the whole world. the world is run by a group of people that control the puppets in power from the pope to presidents in every country.

      • Joddington
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        The problem is democracy - it is no longer power to the people, it is power to the interest group/corporation/highest bidder. Politicians now have no interest in governing effectively, they are only interested in playing politics and PR stunts. The West seems obsessed in spreading democracy to parts of the world that have never had it before, have no interest in it and don't need it.

      • xboxon1hut
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        Joddington democracy in itself isnt a bad thing. i mean you have the "choice" to vote some one into office that suppose to work for you. the problem is that most laws in america were created for A white supremacist and B for corrupt capitalist. america is the most hypocritical nation to ever exist.

        they tell the world about this freedom in democracy while limiting freedom to a catch phrase
        they tell the world voting is good but at home the right are doing everything in their power to restrict people from voting. they even said it themselves the less people voting the better
        they talk about dictator regimes around the world killing its own citizens. while cops are killing unarmed people almost daily, the fda is poisoning the food water and land, and creating diseases
        they can torture but whoa if others around the world do it its a problem

      • srenia_ia
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        Saw the comments on here - yes I've met a lot of politicians in person and its very complicated. I'm not part of the two major parties in the US after seeing the fallacies. I was getting interviewed by the London Times and another outlet this last week. (Haven't checked if they used my quotes or not). You can see agendas by the media, parties and special interest groups in the US. Very few politicians actually represent those they serve in the US. The question that got me from the interviews was about the particular person I saw that day. He didn't get along with others. My response was he gets along with the people he represents. He isn't suppose to represent the media, other politicians and special interest groups.

        In any case it was couple years ago or sothat the US debt went over its GDP. Like Greece and others before. So the dollar is really on faith on the moment. Going to be interesting when the US stops printing so much money and has to pay the piper. It won't and that's going be very interesting coming up.

        As far a racism - didn't notice it when I was younger - just when I was taught later in life that it existed. I'm only 2nd generation US so it was different growing up. I didn't get to ask about justice reform in the US this week like I wanted. The justice system is really mess up. Aka - worked at a juvenile detention school for a lil bit. Picked up a 12 year old from another state. The place we picked him from had him housed with a 43 year old sex offender for two weeks. This is perfectly legal and ok. I can give plenty more examples. So justice reform is always on my mind. Especially when less than 10 percent of the juveniles we helped needed to be in the system in the first place. Most of the help we gave them was to recover from the the system, not the crime.
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      White supremacy? You sound like the racist to me...


      • xboxon1hut
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        calling white supremacy an evil isnt racist but it is a fact. i dont hate people i hate systems. white supremacy is a system. i have good friends that would be classified as "white" and trust me the words i say remain the same in their presence. most people call themselves white by choice black people on the other hand label themselves black because of white supremacy system. i like being black sounds cooler than brown lol. besides that african american shit dont work. when italians, russians, french etc.. start calling themselves european americans then i'll call myself an african.

        something i try to teach anyone who is willing to learn *winks.

        just look at most nationalities they call themselves by country over color. only in the ignorant white supremacist system will they chose to call themselves a color. if im italian im italian. if im irish im irish. etc.. its funny that most nationalities that partake in white supremacy were initially treated like shit in america. you had families changing their names to sound like the system creators. ironically even some "native" americans call themselves white how fucked up is that

        so no definitely not racist just an american that knows the untainted history of this country.

        where are you from?

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      Originally posted by Misterx View Post

      Wake up America. He tells the truth. (Russia actually released the facts to support this claim two weeks ago, yet it is no where in the USA news. ISIS is a mercenary group in Syria to overthrow Assad and destabilize the middle east in Israel, Saudi and USA favour)

      Your goverment create wars, bomb civils under false flags and make amoral crimes. Why half of you continue to support that crimes? Brainwashed or really like when your gov bomb free nations under false flags?

      Kennedy was right - USA is controlled from backstage.
      Reason for Bengazi cover-up was Obama moving guns to ISIS, which they considered not a true threat at the rimw, and a way to further His administrations interests. Once the deal went bad they sent the stand down order. Technically Obama and Hillary were conducting treasonous activity, since this group was on the list of groups that it was illegal to give support or aid to.
      You are completely correct here Mr X.


      • C0d3_\/\/@rr10r
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        Except I would add, it is not our govt, but certain shadowy factions within it.

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      Guys, this is nothing compared to what is going on in Russia.
      ​Putin and his friends issued a law making all Cell Phone and Internet operators keep a copy of all people correspondence and talks for one year.

      I understand US and other countries are also monitoring people but Putin requires that operators buy and install the equipment themselves and keep all this data at their own cost. Who doesn't want is a terrorist.

      they also demand all decoding algorithms for peoples correspondence.

      I'm telling you Putin is paranoid. It's becoming even worse than in Soviet Union. At those times you could be proud in SU, now they ruined everything even with billions of oil money. They just distributed this money among Putin's friends.

      and you know what? I'm risking writing this being called a terrorist and persecuted. It's bloody hell in Russia. I hope I can leave it some day. Too bad my parents and relatives will not be able and they might be persecuted if I do this.

      have no doubts, Putin will be our next president. He was a good guy, very strong leader. But all this paranoia and his friends robbing Russia just give no choice to the future. They can call people terrorists and foreign agents but their children study abroad in the most expensive universities and they have lots of


      • slasaru
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        property abroad. Their children will never return to Russia. Hipocritical and paranoid country, it has no future. I would be happy if I'm mistaken.

        Alex, with all respect it's just switching attention from internal problems to external instead of solving internal issues. But as I got it, you worked for government or police previously. You might have some knowledge or feel obliged to them

      • C0d3_\/\/@rr10r
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        The thread was about treason from Hilary and Obama. Why not start anew thread. I mean really, if all you have to say about what is being discussed is, hey let's discuss something else. Then your not really involved in the thread.
        Your exact opening" Guys, this is nothing compared to what is going on in Russia"

        And???? What the he'll does that have to do with illegal gun running to Syrian rebels?

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      I think not the same as you.
      ​1. The West is creating its current elites for 400 years now. Russia only 20.

      2. Only strong internal elite can defend country from elites of other countrys

      3. Its better to rule with your friends other than double agent spy masons from other elites that don't need strong everything.

      4. Not everyone governor is Putins friend .Some are bad managers/thiefs for real. All Putin friends know that they need goals to be done. Only Putin friends are developing country actual because are patriots(well paid patriots).

      Russia was completely destroyed around 1998. What he do now I completely support. Those laws are a measure of defend from the West.

      Economically as I said - go to Ukraine to understand how they call us Russia economical miracle to understand how far we developed only in15 years compared to them.

      IF you have brains or you are strong leader you will live well in this country. Russians need to work as hard as the rest of the world and need stop to complain.

      Don't like you regional infrastructure? You can't calculate how much years needed roads in every region to be ok? Change the region. Because far far regions will evolve slower than bigger populations.


      • Misterx
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        Why do you want we to be opened for West elites that will flood us with their capital(they print as paper in amount they want), buy then destroy main objects and will make us puppets?

        Liberals supported by the West elite are the enemies.

    • #9 is what the real problem in the US is, people like xbox1hut who can't look past the party and see the ideology. No, instead they see republicans bad, democrats good. They fail to see that it is indeed the policies of the left that have put America in the dangerous position it is today. The left thrives off if pitting races, class, and religions against each other. If you really take a look at the solutions both ideologies offer, you will see one offers more liberty and freedom to live your life, while the other promises more intrusion and subjection to a powerful federal government. The left cannot exist if the country is prosperous because they won't have enough poor to pit against the rich and middle class. Here's one of my favorite quotes from a democratic president, LBJ, that illustrates what the left is really about: I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” This quote was taken when he was discussing his war on poverty initiative. The real reason they support a hefty social safety net is not to help people, but to keep them voting them into power!

      Instead of offering solutions, they offer more programs that only enslave those that need it. Instead of preaching personal responsibility, they preach victimhood and tell you that the rich are holding you down. Instead of inspiring people to reach their potential, they tell them they can't make it in life without government help.

      Just listen to any of their speeches, and it's all complaints on how terrible this country is and how it is failed. They never embrace capitalism, no, instead they praise the failed experiments of socialism. You will never ever hear them offer a free market solution to a social or economic problem. Nope, the answer is always more gov.

      It's also funny that he brings up white supremacists, while talking about how the republicans are so evil. In case you didn't know MR x, it was the republicans who ended slavery. It was the republicans who passed the civil rights act, while the democrats fought against it.
      In fact, the democrats had Robert Byrd, a former member of the KKK, lead the Senate when they held the majority! Yet they claim it is conservatives who are racists. In fact, the liberal ideology has destroyed the black family in America thanks to their war on poverty. If you don't believe me, just look at the number of single mother households since LBJ passed his "helping" hand laws.

      It is the left who created and continues to expand the welfare state. It is the left who see's everyone as a victim and claims it can make the world a fair place if only they are given more power. You can see the results of their race baiting tactics in the latest BLM movement.

      As for Obama, he's no "Reagan with a tan" He's the polar opposite. In fact, the Russians at least respected Reagan, they laugh at the clown in office now.
      Reagan was not mentored nor looked up to an avowed communist like Frank Marshall Davis. Reagan never played around with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayres. Reagan didn't attend a church that had an America-hating pastor for 20 years. Obama on the other hand has had these associations.
      Saying they're the same couldn't be more ignorant.

      Here's some of obama's accomplishments:
      He's presided over increasing our debt more than any other president.
      He's failed economically, we have more people out of the workforce than ever. We've had the slowest post recession recovery in our nation's history.
      Almost 100 million people are on welfare of some sorts.
      Race relations haven't been this bad since the 60's.
      He failed in the mid east and now ISIS is running rampant.
      He's allowed Iran to develop nukes.
      He's done everything he could to make us a weaker nation, and he's succeeded.
      Oh, and lets not forget that he ruined our healthcare system.
      He's allowed our borders to be overrun, and he continues to allow more people in who have terrorists hiding among them.

      Our nation is rotting and it is on the decline. I see little hope in reversing course. The left has won. The only thing that brings me some relief is knowing they will suffer the fruits of their destructive policies like the rest of us.

      Hope this helps.
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      • slasaru
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        Have you read / watched "Atlas Shrugged"?
        Is this a real scenario now?

      • xboxon1hut
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        angryguy77 i spoke for myself and nowhere in my entire life have i ever said democrats were good. hell nowhere in my post did i mention supporting democrats at all so get out your fuckboy feelings.

        - The left thrives off of pitting races, class, and religions against each other? >> Arent conservatives the people that push the black man wants to kill you and rape your women, the welfare mothers are taking your money, muslim this muslim that? sounds like both parties to me

        -Being the ignorant tool you are of course you would deflect where white supremacist are today. I know its a hard concept to grasp from such a feeble mind but all it takes is to look who the very racist south support the most TODAY. It's laughable how you simpletons try to twist reality.

        Your list of Obama complaints are laughable and i think he sucks but lets be real...
        1) funny what happens to the books when you put all expenditures huh? they added the cost of wars and not hide them like the previous administration. lol... those drones cost money
        2) if the where are the jobs republicans actually wanted to help the economy they would but of course they went into 'Let's make the nigger fail mode' even if it means destroying the country.. wake up you sheep
        3) if nobody creating jobs, the right blocking jobs wtf you expect?
        4) you white supremacist should really not talk about race relations. his (a black man) becoming president is the sole cause of this. theres nothing he could do to change that. you know you white supremacist wanted "your country" back the day the muslim guy got in office. oh wait isnt saying that pitting a religion against another lmao. you children smh
        5) dumbfuck americas been failing in the middle east long before obama was in office.
        6) and iran would not have nukes by? going to war with them? while russia is backing them, oh yeah that would end well
        7) ooo were weaker. last time i check the military isnt lacking in weapons. you fools and your talking points
        8) healthcare was already broken and what did he do. brought a conservative plan supported by conservative capitalist big pharma.
        9) man yall are some cowardly bitches lol. we should run out all those blonde hair blue eyed terrorist like timothy mcveigh too.

        Yes america is rotting but its not because of the left. I will school you and not leave you ignorant.

        Americas #1 problem and enemy is white supremacy. It's the confederates that are running the south and those that have move north and became elected officials that are still pissed off you know the whole civil war thing whose goal is to destroy the union. Until you understand the philosophy of starve the beast you will always be ignorant

        slasaru lol ayn rand is the whole rightwing philosophy.
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