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Bitcoin And CryptoCurrency - Money From the Air

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  • Bitcoin And CryptoCurrency - Money From the Air

    Well, lets talk about it here as its a new thrend for now.

    I started mining crypto currency as its have hight ROI and i don't think it will end soon.

    Several scenarios to make money with crypto currencies;

    1. You can buy crypto Currencies and just wait. Expected income is about 100% for the next year at minimum.

    2. You can play on trade exchange market place as the grow will continue for a year minimum.

    3. You can mine crypto currency to you anonimouse crytpo wallet and them sell it for real money. It generates 10$ at minimum per day for a 6xGPU PC of a cost of about $1750(6x200$ GPUs + $70 Celeron CPU + $50 4GB or RAM + $200 1500 Watt power Unit + 20$ open rig + $80 120GB SSD or flash stick + 100$ motherboard + $50 wires for GPU). Return of investment time in worst case scenario is 6 month. It was 3 month lately and it can be reduced to 2 month if you will not sell your mined coins but wait the exchange rate to grow 100% minimum for the next year. You also can sell this PC anytime for about 50%-70% of a cost.

    a. Bitcoin grew from $900 to $4500 or the last year.
    b. Etherium(2nd most popular cryto currency) grew from $10 to $300 for the last year.
    c. There is a lot of cryptocurrencies to mine.

    4. Invest you money in investment program and get $15-$20 per month. But be aware - they can go bankrupt at any time and there is a lot of thiets.

    Its a capitalist world phenomen - where you littary can have money from the air. Some say its a geeks revolution against Zionist banksystem. Others say its Zionist project to destroy free nations. I think its the first case.

    How to start to mine(most popular scenario because you do nothing but money flows in).

    1. Goto and choose your GPU (mining goes at low end GPUs). You will find how much you will get a profit, now much you will spend on electricity bill and what currencies are the best to mine thouse days.

    2. Create a farm from 6 GPUs PC. Find a tutorials or people who will buid and setup it for you for $100 if you don't want to deal with all of this.

    3. Create a Etherium wallet or other crytpo currency wallet

    4. Goto to and download a software.

    5. Enter you wallet to the software and start to mine.

    6. Crypto money will go to you etherium wallet - 10$ per day for now for a PC of $1750. For a PC of $3500 you will get $20 and so on. There s also an ASIC PCs for $2000 and with income of $1500 per day but for a period of just 60 days. then it ends.

    7. Sell your cryptocurrencies to real money or wait and sell later.

    Success stories:
    1. I know a guy who invested $300k dollars for a 100+ ferms (900GPUs) and generate $70 000 of profit per month now.
    2. All over youtube.

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    how does it work and how do you get real money or is it a different form of money?


    • mozzie
      mozzie commented
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      I don't do mining by myself but i do know some people who have mined in the past. Imagine if we could use Xbox One X as a mining machine, 500$ for 6 TF of power..
      G-Force you basically connect your PC/compute power to a blockchain network. you will provide compute power to verify the transactions which are made through the network e.g. Ethereum. Mining requires a lot of GPU power that's why everybody's using AMD GPUs. I'm not a 100% sure how it exactly works but you either get a very small fee per verified transaction or once you / the compute power you provide to the network has verified enough transactions a new block will be created on the blockchain and you will get the "Ether Coin". I even heard that they made the verification tasks more complicated so not everybody with a PC is able to do mining, of course this would cause the crypto currency to lose in value.

      It's a digital asset but you can sell it for real money on crypto currency exchanges. You can also send crypto money to other people who have wallets but currently only other people interested in crypto will know how to receive it and what to do with it.

      it's definitely very interesting.

    • G-Force
      G-Force commented
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      So is the mining the actual verification of something? What is needing to be verified?

    • mozzie
      mozzie commented
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      Yes, let's say I want to send 1 Ether to your wallet, the transaction will go through the ethereum blockchain and check if the transaction is legit. I don't know how everything works in detail but I guess it will check if it really is my wallet which sends the Ether and If you're the recipient or something like that. It will be veryfied on like 30 "miners" this is why it's considered secure and you don't need a bank to verify the transaction. There is an amount of available Ether tokens available now and when you provide compute power to verify transactions you will "mine" new coins which belong to you now. So basically new Ether/ Crypto Currency is generated. I recently bought some AMD stock because they now have graphic cards dedicated to mining.
      These are designed to run around the clock because the GPU is basically at full load all the time..
      Misterx please correct me if I'm wrong.. Because I have not mined by myself, I'm not sure how good my explanations are.

    • G-Force
      G-Force commented
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      so besides verifying transactions to each other it isn't actually doing anything really productive that would be generating a service? Interesting, but also can see how it could also fall in a heap, but maybe I need to research it more.

    • XboxOneFan
      XboxOneFan commented
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      I was reading recently that China is driving tge value up of the crypto or mining currency due to a huge network of powerful gpu's PCs they have put together. So, in order for a single person to make an impact today, is necessary to invest $15,000-$25,000 in a network of computers with very powerful gpu's.

      Maybe you can open a thead on that topic MrX,


    • mozzie
      mozzie commented
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      G-Force there are so many different currencies / tokens right now.. some of them are just knock offs of other but few of them have really great potential. Ethereum for example supports "smart contracts" in the future this could lead to so many things.. like cutting out middle mans like insurance companies, banks, leasing companies etc. or another one could be paying royality fees to artists as you stream a song or something like that.
      there are also projects like storj which is basically decentralized cloud storage.
      Yes do some research.
      Even Microsoft has a few Ethereum Projects now. I haven't really researched them in detail but i think that even Azure is involved in it.

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    Yes, Etherium will have a different path of evolution to original bitcoin - it will became less open and more controlled for state banks and will host in Azure,


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      Mining and cryto wallets are totaly anonimous. To get a Bitcoin or Ether walltet you just press CREATE button on the site of the currency or trade place and get a code of you wallet.


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        Yes it could go down any time and never go up again. But there is a lot of reason why it will not.

        Some say its a geeks revolution against Zionist banksystem. Others say its Zionist project to destroy free nations. I think its the first case after some research.


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          so was that $10 per GPU? or only $10 for the 6 GPUS?

          We have very expensive power in SA (one of the highest in the world), costs nearly 40c for 1 KW