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Other Microsoft products: Surface, Band, Lumia phones, etc.

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  • Other Microsoft products: Surface, Band, Lumia phones, etc.

    Hi all,

    Don't know why such topic have not been created yet.

    Besides Xbox 360/ One I own Lumia 930, Microsoft Band.
    Would love to have Surface some time later, now using Lenovo Miix W8.1 tablet and happy with it.

    Is there any custom firmware for Microsoft band?
    What fitness tracking software do you use?

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    I just posted this in the main thread, in hope of some traction. Thread 260 - Page 5

    Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard (Win Phone):

    I recently got a cooling stand for my laptop, as the fan was constantly on and making a lot of noise. The stand worked perfectly and the laptop is quiet. However, it created a problem for typing so after some research bought a Microsoft Universal Keyboard. It is now my favourite piece of kit next to my 360. It can connect to my laptop, work iPhone, and android with simple touch of a button. The only platform it doesn't connect to is Win Phone. It is a shame. Otherwise I would love to pop my 930 in the stand and work.

    I have put up a suggestion on windows phone user voice for its compatibility. Would appreciate if few of you can recommend it. Also check the keyboard for yourself. I am sure some of you might need it and its excellent for any platform, phone or tablet. Also works with Surface as well. I was going to suggest its compatibility with Xbox but then realised X1 has no Bluetooth.

    Here is the feedback link: [SIZE=2][/SIZE]


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      If you've been wanting to see the two high-end Windows phones Microsoft has been developing, then you don't have to wait until the official launch. Evleaks has posted the renders for both devices on Twitter: the larger, cyan one with a 5.7-inch screen is known as codename Cityman, while the black phone with a 5.2-inch screen is Talkman. They're expected to have Quad HD displays, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and 5-megapixel front shooters. Cityman might be powered by an eight-core chip, while its smaller sibling might be equipped with a six-core processor.

      According to The Verge, they might also support USB Type-C as well as Qi wireless charging. Evleaks tweeted out the renders as a response to another image showing a Cityman connected to a peripheral that will allow it to support Microsoft's new Continuum feature. Based on what we've seen earlier this year, Continuum can turn phones into teensy Windows computers. These devices could be launched at an upcoming Microsoft event this October -- we'll keep you updated with all the pertinent info, especially when you'll be able to buy them.
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        Anyone still owns a Zune? I never go anywhere without my good old 30Gb model. Too bad it doesn't connect with the Xbox One.


        • David Michael
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          Welcome to the site man-great to hear someone is rocking a Zune!

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        New windows smartphone kickstarter on Indiegogo:

        I thought this looked quite good. However, any indie effort can become very suspicious quality wise. Nurve Technologies is small group of individuals with the goal of creating not one, but three different smartphones running Windows 10. The campaign recently launched on Indiegogo and is, to say the least, extremely ambitious. It is also important to note that the smartphone will not run Windows 10 Mobile, but the desktop version of the OS, allowing users to run software and programs that they usually run on a PC. Below you can see the different specifications that will be available for each phone that will start $199 USD for the SyncPhone, $299 for the SyncPhone S and $499 for the SyncPhone Pro.


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          Microsoft Band 2 now has music control for IOS and others - also has notifications to remind you that your ass in your seat at your desk is not moving.... I love this thing.


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            Selfies Destroying Society
            This is based on a program I watched that made some good points. When you go to a concert and look over the crowd what do you see? A sea of phones. When a child walks for the first time is it the phone that is watching them or the parent? When people go hiking, amusements parks or other activities who experiencing that? The phone or the people their.
            The culture change that selfies have brought is huge! There is a growing number of people that are dying each year taking selfies. It’s becoming an issue in modern society.
            MS has commercials have been focused on Family and Windows 10. A good ad campaign. But does using Windows 10 make you more family oriented? It might in the future and combat the selfie destruction on society.
            The Hololens with Windows 10 is the first device that might change society for the better. Instead of looking at a screen showing your kid taking there first steps, you will be seeing your kid taking there first steps with your own eyes. The AR will be able to video record with voice commands without interfering with that experience. When people go to the concerts, the sea of phones will be replaced with a sea of people enjoying the concert. The rise of deaths from selfies will fall as the distraction is replaced with awareness of reality.
            It’s a strange new concept, but the destruction that selfies bring to society could be a thing of the past 10 years from now. The AR creates a situation where reality isn’t replaced by technology. Reality is enhanced, not destroyed.
            So Windows 10 with Hololens family ads could be more than a marketing ploy. It pushes technology to the sidelines and not replacing ourselves. It’s letting humans, not phones/VR/other tech experience life for us.
            Gaming, internet and selfies shouldn’t be living our lives. We should be. So until the Hololens and other AR devices become more mainstream: set down the phone, watch the sunset, watch your kids first steps and live your life. Carpe Diem.