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  • Windows 10 discussion

    This topic is for discussing Windows 10, besides gaming. If you have any opinion or tips you want to talk about, just write it down.

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    I am ready to upgrade a notebook and Surface Pro. Plan to do a clean install as it will be less bugs and more speed.


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      It is hands down the best OS ever on my old HP G42, really fast, gaming performance is a lot better, RAM management is also really good.


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        I am really like the W10 .....
        it feels much faster, plus the underlying VM like framework per apps (tranparantly)


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          I enjoy it as well. Have been part of the insider preview since the beginning, running it in a VM. So far, despite some minor bugs I found during the preview it has been very good.


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            Adding my previously installed games in the xbox app was awesome and really love that this was integrated into the overall OS. As a windows consumer I hope that my Xbox Live account will include windows 10 in it's feature list.
            NOW THATS A WAY TO DESTROY SONY IF MS WERE TO SO CHOOSE. Adding XBL to Win10 subscription would OWN as long as the price stays the same (XBL price.) Anything higher would cause a balk for sure


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              I've read somethings in regards to privacy with windows 10 and inability to turn off the snooping. I'm not comfortable having it take the information and auto uploading it when I use the computer. Disturbing.

              Everything from sites visited, search history, picture (of the user), photo and video captured from it. I don't pirate, but there's also things in there that could screw people up - if there's a bug, or some malfunction, it can, at it's own discretion, block and even uninstall the offending software, be it games, productivity or anything else installed on your computer.

              If it's my computer, please leave it alone. I'll decide what I want and what I don't want. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to use something I *paid* for.

              Has anyone else here read anything similar/same? Or is this stuff just being blow out of all proportion?


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                after win10 install on a dated laptop I ran these: not too shabby


                My results with mario were not as great as the video but metroid was great
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