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    There is very many facts in the world that official structures don't want to discuss or accept. Like many archaeological artifacts and ground structures created with superior quality that exceeds modern tech. Or settlements in places long before official history tells us.

    Many artifacts points there was ancient civilizations that had been more developed in some areas and had anti-gravity tech. A tech that is possible if we return ether term back in science. Existence of ether is blocked by Einsteins theory E=mc2 formula. By this formula - waves are being transferred in vacuum and there is no energy other than stored in mass.

    Tesla created physical experiments with ether and got free-energy not from mass but from ether. He managed to electrify big town from one small box in USA before his research had been hidden by bankers.

    Why ether is so important? Because with ether we could create universal physical model with gravity explained in it. We could make energy literally free and unlimited. The thing modern physics accept they could not create with limiting E=mc2 formula.

    The funny thing is by accepting E=mc2 formula modern physics also accept that 70% of energy of the universe is stored in something that is not mass but hidden and called black holes. They try to describe black holes with E=mc2 formula but that rises even more questions then gives answers.

    Ether theory are being developed behind the official scene and many scientist already have free-energy designs that are ready to be introduced to mankind (just youtube and do research of some ideas and design papers).

    German NAZIs are experimented with anti-gravity(free energy) tech and tried to create flying plates. USA got many of NAZIs scientists and continued. As well as some other countries behind the scene based on Tesla secret designs and papers.

    What is it on this photos? A product of current civilization using anti-gravity tech?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ufo_1.jpg
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    Alleged that these pictures were obtained by Top Secret magazine from an anonymous source.
    The source claimed: the shots made in 1971 from the US submarine USS Trepang SSN 674. They captured some unidentified flying objects.
    In the summary on the back of one of the photos indicated that they were allegedly made in the sea between Iceland and Norway in the area of the island of Jan Mayen.
    US Navy had no immediate comment on appeared photos.‚Äč

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ufo2.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    These photos i saw today.

    And just last week i had behind the scenes talks with some Russian NAVY officer from my circle about some of Russian secret tech and by the way he told me something interesting like "we constantly register some 200 meters cigars like object in Pacific ocean flying underwater on a big speed".

    He said they don't think that is USs objects. He also said there is something that governments of all nations hide from us. Some hide for bad reasons some hide for good reasons.

    Lest talk here about strange things officials ignore or try to hide.

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    I believe it ,
    but probably this is a complex in nature

    i do believe it is not just one sided some Gov has access to it
    but also some ancient lost civilization
    some out of world visitation

    @Mrx nice picture there ....


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      Anti gravitation in Hatchinson Effect. He uses Tesla blocks that allow free energy output. He transforms it further and control gravitation.

      - from 5:00 Rock melting! Like a butter cutting possible
      - Materials lost its gravity and internal structures
      - That is an explanation how some big rocks were made and placed in ancient structures log before the great flooding. (Like a butter cutting and anti-gravitation)

      Ether energy or zero point energy(western scientist don't allowed call ether, they use different names for the same thing).


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        yep ZPE
        there is many try to do this ZPE


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          Great movie about Tesla. Explains all his experiments in details and how banksters stole them to hide from humanity.