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    Originally posted by SkadollaX View Post

    "Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say Ni at will to old ladies. There is a pestilence upon this land, nothing is sacred."

    So....Nee :)

    It's just a flesh wound! (broke the vcr rewinding/rewatching this scene)

    Great memories...
    Definitely. This movie has no bad scenes. The Dark Night, the knights that say Nee, the Shrubbery, the French (they are hilarious), the monster, galahad in the monastery, lancelot and the wedding, just so many things to laugh about. And the ending is just perfect.


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      Gotta say it: Life of Brian
      Anyone not versed in python should become so
      no one suspects the Spanish inquisition!


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        Also I put this on LJ years ago so just in case ya missed it:
        Hell comes to Frog Town!


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          I watched the Poltergeist remake too.

          It was so bad it was almost like a spoof movie. I swear at some points the actors were almost about to break into laughter.

          Despite it being 30 or so years ago, Spielberg's original vision of the movie is really has stood the test of time. The way the subtlety of the spirits begin to emerge is completely lost in the remake.

          For instance, the dog in the original would begin sensing things. It began barking at walls. Likewise when the mother is in the kitchen and she turns away momentarily and the dining chairs are all stacked on top of each other in just a couple of seconds.... none of this happens in the remake.

          Infact, there isn't even a pet Labrador dog. The whole set is wooden and creaks as the actors move around it, there are no tender moments or despair like in the first movie as the daughters disappearance unfolds.

          I honestly would not recommend you watch this movie at all, not even out of curiosty. It is as bad as the Bollywood versions of Hollywood movies - except it's not funny.


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            The new Ant-man movie is fantastic, would recommend.

            - (Small Scale Marvel) Heist movie with great cast
            - Great performance from everyone (especially Micheal Douglas).
            - Tongue in cheek humor and highly entertaining action
            - Special Effects are amazing (hear it's great in 3D and there is some amazing action set sequences)
            - Ties in nicely to the existing Marvel Universe without feeling forced

            -Bad Guy isn't really fleshed out
            -First 20 minutes is a lot of exposition and setup. (Which is kind of necessary)

            Really entertaining and fun movie.
            I'd rate it a 8.5/10.

            Also if your one of those people who love the after credit scenes (like me) the is a mid credits scene and post credits scene...

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              Going to see South Paw, Inside Out and Rogue Nation in the next 2 weeks. Be sure to leave my thought on those films...



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                Anyone use Kodi?

                The most interesting / original movies I have seen in the last few months are probably:

                Nightcrawler: Jake Gylenhaal plays an ambulance chaser, looking for the perfect footage of mangled bodies for the news room.

                Whiplash: A movie with no beginning and no real end - just a drummer tried to make the (impossible) grade that his teacher sets. Sounds dull but it's really good.

                Kojaki: True story of some soldiers who get tangled up amongst mines and IED's in the middle east, a bit gruesome and loads of suspense.


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                  My idea of the ultimate idea for a driving game-loved this one!


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                    Orgazmo, The imitation game and V for Vendetta