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US Dollar collapse starts in Sep-Oct 2015?

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  • US Dollar collapse starts in Sep-Oct 2015?

    Does anyone hear something?

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    From an American: This is the worst President in the history of the United States. I think most American's would agree in apologizing to the rest of the world for his actions. I hope it's over in 2016.


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      How so, from the UK I don't really see what you do, would be interested to hear the none media shiny view.


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        I usually don't follow financial markets but heard from a man who do that this year could be real. Links from articles in Russian analytics to original sources I've found. Read all to understand what is planning.

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        Two well-known financial forecasters claim that virtually all governments worldwide will be hit with a gigantic economic crisis in the first week of October 2015.

        Correction: Several people have pointed out that Armstrong is not predicting that the crisis will be felt on October 1, 2015. Rather, he’s forecasting that October 1st is a major turning point, but that the governmental financial crisis may not be felt until some months later.


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          Gosh, formatting sucks with MS Edge and this forum. Have a nice article there and can hardly paste a link and synopsis

          If we cut our military spending in half we would still:
          • Spend almost twice as much as the next biggest spender, and our only likely major foe – China.
          • Spend more than China and Russia – combined.
          • Spend more than our allies Germany, UK, Japan, France, and Saudi Arabia – combined!
          That’s if we cut our military budget in half. Currently we spend almost as much as the rest of the world – combined. Are we preparing to be ready for US vs. the World? Are we anticipating not having any allies? Do we even have any real credible threat to our national security at this time or will have in the foreseeable future?
          I fail to see how this expenditure is necessary for national “defense”. Perhaps it is needed for other things? Here are some other possibilities:
          • It is necessary to project American power overseas. In other words, for the sake of American Empire.
          • We need it to secure Middle East oil.
          • Defense contractors need the contracts.
          • We don’t have any need for that money in our national budget so need to find someplace else to spend it.

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            No, the USA is not Greece and you need to ignore the fact that China manipulates their currency. There is no way the USA government would allow that to happen without some consequence to other countries and their free trade agreements.
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